If LV would not repair your bag, what would you do?

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  1. I know that to keep the authenticity of your bag, repairs need to be done by LV. However, if your item is deemed unrepairable or it would cost close to the equivalent to replace.

    Would you:
    Would you get it repaired elsewhere?
    Sell it?
    Use it until falls apart at the seams in the condition it is in?

    I bought a used Petit Bucket, damaged it while cleaning it, replaced the lining myself and had a leather shop put new piping at the top. I posted the long story in the LV Refurbish Clubhouse so I won't re-type it here, I was just curious if you would or have had a leather shop repair your bag. If you did, post a picture. Does the repair stand out any more than having LV do the same thing? Should I have bothered?

    Here is my repair photo.

  2. Since LV would not repair it (or it was super expensive/not worth it), I think what you did is awesome!!! You saved a great bag and will probably enjoy it now for years to come. I love your resourcefulness.
  3. Very good choice, looks good and can be used this way. What did it cost to do it this way, just out of curiosity?
  4. Looks good.
  5. $60 LV Bag from eBay
    $10 Cream coloured leather for insert/pocket openings
    $10 Thread and Fabric for lining
    $ 4 Yellow LV style thread
    $40 Leather binding replacement
    $124 Subtotal
    $ 38 Shipping, Duty and Taxes
    $160 Total Cost for the project

    Here is a photo of the inside. The fabric I used as a lining is water resistant so I'm hoping it will clean up well for the future. I think the thing that surprized me most of all, is that at $300 for interior lining replacement LV is really only charging double what it would cost for someone else to do the same thing.


    Here is a photo just after I cleaned it, just before all the leather completely crumbled a part but you can see that chunks are definitely missing.

  6. I love your new interior 👍
  7. You made a good choice! It looks much better now. I think this is a great option for anyone who is not going to sell the bag later on.
  8. I absolutely would allow a reputable cobbler work to on an LV bag. In the grand scheme, it's just a purse and there are many talented cobblers with years of experience working on handbags. You just have to ask around. In Dallas, all the high end stores including Neiman's, Hermes, Gucci, Dior, Chanel, etc. refer clients to Dino's Cobbler to repair bags and shoes.
  9. The photo doesn't represent the actual colours very well, it looks much better in person. With the patina of the bag, the green tones of the canvas, purple seemed like the natural choice. I also like this one because it isn't too dark, I can still find my keys at the bottom.
  10. Wow! It looks great and ready for at least another decade of use! I will definitely keep this in mind down the line.
  11. I would definitely repair it myself (well, if I knew how, that is!) or take it elsewhere if LV refused to work on it. Why not? I think you did a great job!
  12. Wow, your bag looks great! Congrats on making it great again :smile:

    If LV would not be able to repair my bag or item & it's one that I love, has sentimental value to me, or it still looks good, and worth fixing, then I would totally take it to a good cobbler & have them fix it for me. The only thing I would do is have them repair it as close to the original as possible, like get the plain brown lining ect.
  13. Looks great now for long time of use in the future!
  14. I think you made a great decision in getting a leather shop to professionally renew your bag. The pattern in the interior makes it all your own! I have all of my luxury bags handled by my cobbler except my LV items but my situation might be different being that I'm in NYC so I bring my LV to the flagship store where they almost always accept repairs with or without fees. Nonetheless, your bag looks lovely! :smile:
  15. Your bag looks great - what a good job:smile: