If lv is your first love...what designer bag is second?

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  1. I just wondered if any of you jump back and forth with designer bags or do you tend to stay with Louie? While LV is still my favorite...I still venture over to Gucci and even Jimmy Choo...
  2. I love Chanel, even though I can't afford any of their stuff. lol. Maybe a wallet, but that's it. But I still drool over their collection though.

    I also like Rebecca Minkoff too. I want her MAM bag sooooo bad. I'm willing to sell all of my Coach stuff just to get it! lol!

    Also, Marc Jacbos and Yves Saint Laurent are growing on me. I hope to get something from their collection someday. I will be going to Vegas/L.A. again on Christmas day so, I can't wait!
  3. I love Louis Vuitton...Marc Jacobs is my second love! Then Chanel, Balenciaga, Gucci, and Jimmy Choo....but right now I am focusing on my LV's...
  4. In addition to LV I also love Burberry, Coach, and Balenciaga(don't have any of these yet), but LV is first.
  5. There are other designer bags other than Louis Vuitton :confused1:
  6. None as far as bags go! But I do wear coach boots and have an appreciation for Hermes accessories like their scarves and bracelets but don't own any and have no plans on attaining some.
  7. I only carry LV -- nothing else for me!!
  8. LV comes first, however I also buy bags from Gucci, Dior and Fendi. There is a Jimmy Choo bag I've been lusting over lately.. :shocked:
  9. Besides LV, I love Marc Jacobs & Chanel.
  10. Hard to choose a second...I like a lot of different designers for their own special reasons! I like Burberry for its clean, preppy look, I like Coach/Dooney for their leather and practicality, and I like Prada for its sleekness and practicality. I also love Chanel's classiness and I want an Hermes shawl, but I will probably never afford either of these brands. :shame: :lol:
  11. lv and then chanel...
  12. 1. Louis Vuitton
    2. Chanel
    3. Gucci
    4. Marc Jacob
    5. Christian Dior
    6. Burberry
  13. it varies abit. Chanel, marc jacobs and gucci.
    I have a couple of DKNY for rainy days or just grab and go bag.
  14. 1. LV
    2. Chanel
    3. Balenciaga

    And I have Gucci for rainy day bags!