IF Jane bag

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  1. Isn't that the IF "Audra"? - It sure looks just like the one I ordered from NM in brown - also comes in bronze - never saw green. Check out Adasa.com - It is always sold out in brown (if it's the bag I think it is) but it is on Ebay and it does keep coming back to he department stores.
  2. The Jane is the smaller version of the audra. It is very cute, not slouchy and Nordstrom had it recently so you could call your Nordstrom and they be able to track one down for you. There is an audra on ebay right now for retail of $385.
  3. Thanks Loren - I'm learning so much on this website - didn't know about a "jane" - I needed the "Audra" anyway but now I know it had a younger, smaller sister!!!!!!!
  4. i saw it in black at the Saks in atlanta about a month ago, but they didn't have brown. i haven't seen it there recently.
  5. I saw one on ebay a week or so ago, but it was listed as an Audra. :weird:
    Now of course I can't find it.

    I did see the Metal of Honor Jane bag at Nordstrom last weekend....it was really cute, but smaller than what I need.

    Here's a pic:


    Good luck on your search.
  6. I picked one up at Neiman's last week, and returned it because the leather was way too orangey for me. It is not the same color as the Audra, it is lighter, and definitely on the orange side of things.