If its your first BV which one would it be?

  1. i am eyeing the veneta large in limo but what do you all think what should be a girls firstBV?:p
  2. ^^ Good choice, radhika. Veneta is considered BV's signature bag. Though Limo is actually a new colour for S/S '07, it is fast becoming a classic colour. If you want a darker colour, Ebano (dark chocolate) is the one to go as it is also known as THE colour of BV bags.

    The classics (in terms of bags and colours) are a staple and will always be available:-

    Classic bags : Veneta, Cocker, Ball, Cabat, Sloane, box clutch
    Classic colours : Nero (black), Ebano (dark brown), Noce (hazelnut), Bianco (white), Limo (grey).
  3. thanks ms piggy you really answered my queries
  4. i love the Sloane but i think it's a fairly new design/style. to add to your classic bag list, the Campana should definitely be up there.

    on the BV website the Veneta, Cocker, Ball, and Campana are listed as "ICON" bags. ;)
  5. ^^ Oh yes, the Campana. Thanks, the list was by no means exhaustive. :smile:
  6. I will go for Veneta in black or brown
  7. I just went for my first BV...awaiting a noche large veneta! I hope it is love...:love: The limo is a gorgeous color! and those who purchased it here seem to be in complete love w/the color!
  8. when i think of BV, i always envision an ebano Veneta bag...but, limo is also a GREAT color - definitely one of my favorites
  9. The large veneta in limo is an excellent choice. Go for it. Let us know what you end up getting.
  10. Definitely get one of the bags listed under the ICONS section of the BV website. You might want to try on the bags in person (if you can), since different bags suit different people.
    Another incentive to get a "classic" now is the rumored price increase...
  11. snowtire, I was going to mention that also. Sloane is not listed with the "Icons". And do we know if Limo is now a classic color?

    radhika, look on the Bottega Veneta website at the "Icons"--these are the classic bags according to BV. Select which would suit your needs; I would say a Veneta (hobo), Ball Bag, Campana, or if you have lots of money, the Cabat; then select a color. My choices would be Ebano(dark brown), Nero (black), or Noce (hazelnut). The Limo is a good lighter neutral too.

    It's so much fun to look. Go to a store and see them IRL if possible.
  12. I think the Veneta is THE classic BV bag. It comes in all the classic colors - so anything you choose will be a winner.
  13. Ball bag for sure. I just tried again to order one from Bluefly...we'll see if it's actually in stock. With the code, I saved an additional 15%.
  14. My first will be the Veneta!
  15. My first "new" BV is an ebano Ball bag. (The others are all vintage off eBay.) It's absolutely perfect for my needs, but with an investment bag like BV it's always an intensely personal fit.