If it's not a "Not a Plastic bag", what do you carry your groceries in?

  1. With all the eco furore surrounding the Anya Hindmarch /Sainsburys "I'm Not a Plastic Bag" it would be good to know what you carry your groceries home in? (I'm guessing for most of us its several big heavy boxes, but let's dream).

    Mine of choice is this lovely bag, completely made from reclaimed cottons, by Sally Walton here in Britain (I guess the only damage to the environment is when the postman lets warm air out through the letterbox when posting it. Phew!)...
    and you know, I can't help feel her idea, picked up by Daily Candy a couple of months ago, has inspired others.

    You can see her bags at:
    Lovely, and fit for purpose.
    That's good design.

    Has anyone got any other favorite (non plastic) carry bags?
  2. I use a canvas tote given to me by Green Mountain Energy Company for contributing $5 each month to the Big Texas Sun Club, which supports new solar energy generation. It's a great tote, I can just toss it in the washer when it's dirty, and it's even a zip top!
  3. I hate to admit it, but I just use the plastic bags from the store. I do find many ways to reuse my plastic bags (as well as paper shopping bags from clothing stores).
  4. I still use plastic bags too:shame: I use them as a receptical for the kitty box when I scoop it so I guess that makes it a little better?
  5. Same here, I have a whole stockpile of them I use for different things. For one, I find that they make good stuffing for boxes when I'm shipping eBay purchases.
  6. I've purchased a bunch of totes from Whole Foods to cart my groceries in.
  7. When I'm not buying too much stuff, I use one of those Kenyan sisal bags, my current one is a bright blue and green. Love those bags. They were probably my first crush on a handbag, used bags like that all through high-school and college as "handbags". When I'm buying a lot, I have it delivered and the store uses boxes. I don't stress too much when I do need a plastic bag from the store, because I do re-use them.
  8. I dont go shopping anymore because my two small children dont have the patience to go round and round a supermarket for two hours.

    Now I order my groceries online and its delivered to me.:p
  9. ditto but why do the supermarkets still put it all in plastic bags when they deliver it. i'd rather just unpack staright from the box!
  10. I have a cardboard box in my car (or if I forget it I take one from their box bin) and put my groceries in that and carry them in the house in the box, unload them and then reuse the box next time!
  11. Giant LL Bean canvas tote; got it very cheap because it was a return with someone's initials. I love it and keep it in the trunk. So nice not to have lots of plastic bags all over the place after grocery shopping (and then take them back for recycling).
  12. Aren't they fantastic?! I have the giant one too I bought when I was living in NY. (Now full of shoes in the hallway... after a time used to collect potatoes from my garden...you can imagine, but I still love it).

    There's something so cool about a $17 canvas tote that also manages to make you look loaded (with $$, not groceries!). I also love that they are still made in Maine and they haven't been suckered into making it in China.

    Super cool points for this one!
  13. I use the tote bags from Trader Joe's. It's amazing how much those bags can hold.