If it weren't for the Purse Forum...

  1. ...I would be more productive around the house!

    What about you?
  2. Also...I never would have known what "Sofa King" means!
  3. I actually do more work :O
    but I wouldn't be as happy ;)
    I'd have a fatter bank account and my closet would have alot more space:push:
  4. I'd have more money and less debt!
  5. I don't have to feel envious on a doll's wardrobe and purses:roflmfao:
  6. I wouldn't hear about all these fab designers and hot bags that I absolutely HAVE to have!
  7. If it weren't for the Purse Forum...

    - I would have spent more time doing my homework
    - I would have never known about all these amazing bags I just have to have
    - I would have even maybe considered buying a fake...
    - I would have never known how to spot a fake
    - I would never do my English presentation about conterfeit goods
  8. I'd get to bed at a decent time! ... (instead of those "just 10 more minutes" that drag into like an extra hour)
  9. I'd actually clean the clutter of paperwork around my computer desk! LOL
  10. Gulity!

    I wouldn't be obsessing about a bag/shoes 6 months before they come out
    My ironing pile wouldn't be as big as it is
    I wouldn't be up at 3:30 AM!!!
  11. i would actually be writing my paper! But i am Procrastinating!!! Boo on me!!!
  12. haha I'm 100% guilty of this as well- when the PF was down I actually got to bed at a decent hour!

    And I'd probably only have a couple designer bags, with probably no boutique-bought LV or any Hermes period.
  13. If I weren't on Purse Forum:

    - I would end up getting conned to buying fakes on eBay.
    - I wouldn't be obsess with bags that I don't know about!!!
    - chance of being more productive
    -I wouldn't know such genuinely nice people who doesn't think buying designer bags are silly or superficial or waste of money!! (i'm closet bag addict)
    -I would have finished reading my textbook.
  14. my eyes wouldn't hurt so much from hours of reading.
    my bags wish list would be a LOT shorter.
    my bag & shoe purchases would be a LOT less.
  15. Exactly!