IF it was NOT designer would you still pay that much and carry it?

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  1. There are some bags that I love because they are designer and that is why I pay the $$$$ for them and I would never do that if they looked exactly the same but were sold in every store I doubt I would even look at it twice.
    I think the reason I don't really care for the Hermes Birkin is that the first one I saw was a fake one that a neighbor had and I was like ewwww a few weeks latter Martha made head lines with hers but I was already turned off to it (other than the exotics which are beautiful).

    I mean would you pay $1050.00 for this bag if it was hanging off the rack at Target :blink: ??? Or anything close to that amount???

  2. Sorry about the Birkin comment...:worried: I know so many of you love it here. My Mom would smack me across my head if she knew what I said about it :cry:.
  3. Way too boring for my taste, who knows maybe the leather is to die for.
  4. i wouldn't pay for that bag at target or NM. :smile: but i get your point. i think for the most part i pay because i like the bag. i love LV, chanel and hermes, but in reality the speedy i am saving for right now and the pouchette i just bought will probably be the only expensive bags i'll own for a while. i chose them more for the shape than the mono pattern, but i admit -- that branding is important to me. we've all seen the inspired bags with just the flowery shapes. without the LV its just not worth it. :smile:

    i've found that most lower end bags (under $100 or so) usually end up with wonky details, grommets, funky pockets, etc. that don't work for me, but i also wouldn't carry a b bag or MJ or much coach for myself because they possess those same elements (albeit in much more beautiful materials). those styles just don't suit me. i definately appreciate them on others, but for me it doesn't work.

    a couple years ago i carried a microfiber bag from target veeery similar to a KS sam bag. eventually i found a real one for a good deal and the quality and construction were much much better, but the target one was fine for what you paid. i think that's what it comes down to...$$$ bags tend to be better constructed, age better and all around last longer. it comes down to cost per wear. :smile:
  5. I sure wouldn't pay the price, but then I'm fully aware of the fact that what you're getting with a "designer" bag is a little more attention to the details, a better design, maybe a better quality leather, higher labor costs due to being manufactured in Italy, England, France or the U.S. (etc.), and of course, you're paying for the name they've marketed so well, the marble floors and fancy cases in the high-rent store, the commission sales associates...etc. Or at least you'd like to think you're paying for all that.

    There's a Tod's bag that I'm wild about despite it being WAY too big for daily use, but for $1,300 it is rather plain, and I wouldn't buy it for that reason alone. When I buy an LV, I'm paying for the name, the marketing, the fancy stores, the mythology that very few lines have attained, and darn if the stuff doesn't wear like iron.

    If I were to buy from another line, I'd want something special for the money though, and I don't mean interlocked C's on a fabric bag that costs an arm and a leg. My apologies to anyone that's wild about the Chloe Edith, but that bag is SO simple and SO easily put together, and the only thing warranting that price is the fact that it's the last design coming from their former designer, they can charge that much and get it, and it's from the trendy Chloe line. It's one of those bags that if you told someone how much you paid, they may want to put you in a padded room. I know my dad did when I bought a Chloe Paddington!

    Sorry for rambling.
  6. I certainly wouldn't.. although I'm still in this Coach phase - saving up for my first LV. But there's no way I'd pay the same amount for the bag if it was at Target.
  7. I love Target and all, but if they were selling a purse like that for >$1000 I would think they'd lost their mind & wouldn't pay for it. But I have no problem wearing bags that aren't designer.
  8. it's funny, but I think that a lot of "designer" bags get away with a lot just because they have a name...go onto Neiman's, or Saks, and you will see some pretty boring bags that have a "name", but if that name wasn't attached, you wouldn't look twice....what do you think?
  9. Way better way of saying what I was trying to say!!! Right on the point...