If It Sounds To Good To Be True !!!!

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  1. Have you ever got so excited about purchasing a beauty product that you have read and heard about so much?

    Finally, you buy it, and it turns out to be a total disaster.

    Or just not what you expected.

    Please share you're experiences ?
  2. La Mer, I really bought into the hype and bought a lot of the line.

    I felt so "special" smearing it onto my skin...the smell, the little vials, I had bought it all hook-line-and sinker.

    Then a week into using the miracle broth and all of the additional serums my skin was turning into a mine field. I had bumps and what appeared to be painful absesses, oh, it was apocalypse now on my face.

    I immediately donned a scarf, hat, and sunglasses and took all products back to Nordstroms for a full refund.

    It took my skin 4 medical facials, and 2 months to return to it's normal state, La Mer did not work for me.

    The End.
  3. OMG, Yes,
    I had an allergic reaction to ‘Too Faced Lip Injection’ wore it to a party and my husband thought I was having a reaction to the shellfish! LOL, my lips were swollen up to the size of polish sausages. That same night I also tried ‘Benefit’s Eye-Zing’ for the first time and turned out looking like Betty Davis in ‘What Ever Happened to Baby Jane’ I was looking goooood that night!

    I’ve learned how to use the Eye-Zing thanks to the efforts of a girl on a makeup forum I read. But the Lip Injection was a disappointment.

  4. You know how every model ever interviewed lists "Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream" as a must have panacea for absolutely everything?

    Well one day after a particularly gruelling workout at the gym I felt that i deserved a spot of impulse shopping. I saw a girl in the locker room taking a tube of 8 hour cream out of her bag and I knew right away that I *had* to have it.

    I rushed to the parfumerie,where I found that they only had packaged gift sets containing the cream,hand balm and lip balm,all for the price of the cream only. They were unfortunately out of testers,but an army of models and beauty editors can't be wrong,can they?

    So 40 euros later I walk out,I get home and excitedly reach to salve my face which is burning from exercise,showering and blistering cold...and out of the tube comes STINKY,STICKY VASELINE!!!!!:sick: :sick: :sick: :sick: . The hand balm was no better and the lip balm not only stank but tasted bad and irritated my lips.

    8 Hour cream is without a doubt the most overhyped,stinkiest product there is. I made a valiant effort and used it once or twice,then actually just dumped the entire gift set in the bin.
  5. Loganz I had the same experience with LaMer. My skin had little pink bumps and my face was so dry. I was really mad because the entire line was so expensive. Never again!!!
  6. Yes...indeed.
    I bought every single items of FRESH from my SA.
    And every single items was not even worth it.
    I've got cleanser that claim to be so gentle and remove make-up.
    After I wash my face I still see myself with big chunk of mascara and
    bunch of my foundation on.
  7. I dont recall exactly but I think Primetime did a report on this cream and it turned out to be no good.....dont quote me, though...:suspiciou
  8. I tried the Lip Fusion at a Sephora and it left a horrible tingly feeling on my lips!!
  9. Great thread...Lip Fusion! As I was putting it on my lips I was EXCITED! I thought okay...Lisa Renna (sp) here I come...That stuff has the worst odor to me, and the tingle it gave my lips lasted for ever! AND it did nothing. I threw it away. My favorite other product let down was the Jonathon hair product. I loved the show Blowout...was so excited watching Ol' jonathon (ego maniac, that i do adore) develop his product! SO, I bought the whole damn line. The day it was delivered Im running to the shower, just sure my hair is about to be the most beautiful head of loveliness EVER. The shampoo had a lush smell and as Im lathering, and uh, lathering its just not LATHERING! IT like clay, took forever to get the crap out of my hair. I thought well, the conditioner has to just make it all better, same deal again..my hair felt like cotton candy. I immediatly re washed with my normal product, and alas soft silky hair again. I then went ahead and used the styling products...UGGGGGHHHHHH. You think I would have learned after the shampoo/conidtioning fiasco. Bottom line the entire line was the worst product ever. (I still love the show though)!!
  10. I love this thread idea...
    For me, the worst beauty/facial product experience was with proactive:
    I have sensitive skin, I usually break out once to twice a month...hardly noticeable but it still bugged me...i always thought about trying proactive, i just never actually go to doing so...then i saw the jessica simpson commercial (during the newly-wed hype era) and i took the plunge...
    at first...my skin was glowing and healthy...then a week later...it erupted with the biggest, most painful blemishes ever! it took a month for my skin to return to normal...and now im fine with my one pimple-a-month LOL
    its a shame though, because i know some people that have achieved great skin with proactiv...i guess its just not for everyone
  11. I tried Hylexin to reduce the dark circles under my eyes. It's priced at €99 here (fortunatly, I convinced one of the Sephora girls to squirt me a sample).

    It did nothing (understatement). Good thing I didn't shell out the money for it, I'd have been sooooo pissed!
  12. Perricone. The SA at Nordstrom's raved about it and gave me a bunch of free samples...I used for about 2-3 days and my skin broke out like crazy. I'm just glad I didn't buy any!!
  13. I have used LAMER and it made my face and it worked and my skin looked good.
    I used SISLEY and my skin brooke out.
    I used LA PAIRIE and i was good but not great.
    I think the best skin care to get at a low coste is KIEHLS it works like all the lines above but a fraction of the cost.
  14. I already have big old lips,but I am no spring chicken and obsessed with looking young since I was doing facials for years in a spa and everyone thought I should look amazing all of the time. When I heard lips shrink in old age,I figured I had better get a plumper. I used Two-Faced Lip Injection and I immediately looked like Angeline Jolie lip wise,but since I had a scarlet ring around my lips, it totally ruined the effect. :lol: Lip Fusion was the same way.
  15. :-P For all you ladies who hated your lip plumper, DuWop Lip Venom has been around for awhile and it's the only one I like. It does make your lips tingle and sting, but you get a lovely little pouty lip effect. :smile:

    hmmm, my bad experiences

    Benefit Boo Boo Zap! While we all sensibly know that you can in no way, shape or form spot treat a blemish ( unless you get a shot in it.) we all want to believe it's actually possible. I bought this, hopefully waited for a little blemish to appear, and when it did I put my little Boo boo zap on it...

    It was about as effective as tingly water. :-P