If interested..here a respond from Eluxury about Damier Azur line..

  1. Dear XXXXX,

    Thank you for your interest in eLUXURY. I am happy to assist you.

    The Louis Vuitton Damier Azur Collection will be the newest collection from Louis Vuiton. The Damier Azur Collection will be available in November, 2006. Please check back on our website in November for this new collection.

    We do have several other new items from Louis Vuitton. For your shopping convenience, I have included a link to the new arrivals that we have available on our website:


    If I can be of further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact me.

    eLUXURY Customer Service

    Toll-free: 1-877-890-7171
    Fax: 1-877-883-7171
  2. So they come out the day of the price hike. Nice, LV. At least we had a week in June to get the Damier Speedys before the price went up. This time -- no time. So bite me. It'll just be more money I can save up for an Hermes Kelly. LOL
  3. The rep told me the first or second week of Nov. they will have the line on their website. Price hike or not.. I still want it... its just too tempting!
  4. Same here:yes:
  5. Bags4me, did you pre-order anything?
  6. does eluxery have sales tax?
  7. babydee03, nope because they don't have an actual store.. its online based.
  8. Nope, I really want to hear more about it, I will wait for feedback from real owners after couple months of wear.
  9. I can't wait! I am getting the Azur Speedy 30!! :smile:
  10. Wise decision. :graucho:
  11. Does anyone know how much these will go for?
  12. The price increase is not for everything though, isn't it? It's for certain items.
  13. well if i recall correctly elux had the Damier Speedy like the day they came or at least that week
  14. Elux charges sales tax to orders shipped to CA and TN.

    This is because their corporate address is in San Francisco, and their distribution center is in TN.
  15. I saw a bunch of the Azur bags in the Boston store today. They are SO gorgeous I definitely want to get the speedy 30!