If Indiana Jones bought a bag at Barneys...

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  1. That’s the bag I’m looking for. Something modest in size, with a longish shoulder strap, pocket-y and made of supple, fabulous to-die-for (bronze or cognac or weathered brown) leather. I’ve seen some by Campomaggi that come pretty close. Anybody have any other designer suggestions? TIA!
  2. So nice of you to suggest. It's nice, but not smooshy enough and too resonant of a briefcase. The hunt continues. Thanks!
  3. sissi rossi, georgio brato?
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  5. How about the Hayden-Harnett Conrad? The strap is adjustable from short to crossbody.

  6. This fits perfectly with the Indiana Jones style, perfect choice in my books!
  7. Wow, these are some killer bags. I'm still admiring the sissi rossi - wow, that's nice. Thanks everybody. keep it coming, I'm in heaven.
  8. This is my "indiana jones" bag. A prada in washed buffalo leather. I don't know if barney's carry it in the store or not.

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  9. Man, that YSL is really nice. But $1,800? Not in this incarnation. Sigh.
  10. laurahead108, I am glad I found this thread. I am looking for a similar bag -- cognac, nice new or weathered, with a strap for crossbody wear as well. :smile: Thanks and I'll be watching this thread too lol :smile:
  11. I think the perfect one would be the Proenza Schouler PS1 large bag
    There is also a beautiful weathered brown leather version.
    This bag is functional and definitely chic.

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    See modeling pics



    Available at Barney's, www.kirnazabete.com and www.sien-antwerp.com