if i'm trying to pay for an item, and it's redirecting me to Auctiva Checkout...

  1. is it still coming out of my paypal account?

    i've never encountered this, but it's not letting me change my payment (cc, bank account, etc.), so i'm reluctant to hit "make payment."

    can anyone offer any insight? if i hit MP, will it THEN take me to choose my form of paypal payment?
  2. I forgot what I did exactly with this one person.
    I hit Pay on eBay. And it sent me to that site too.
    I still paid with it and everything, and I got my item. Smooth transaction for me. This is just my experience though. :p
  3. right...

    but is it ever going to let me select my paypal means of payment?
  4. Yes, it will. (it should!)
    I know it is confusing as all getout!!
  5. Auctiva checkout is just another method used for checking out, im sure you can still use regular eBay checkout.. Auctiva checkout just means the seller used Auctiva to list their item on eBay and the checkout is just another service that Auctiva provides.. its all legit and safe
  6. yes, i understand what auctiva is now.

    that is not my question.

    WILL it take me to paypal and let me choose my means of payment (primary means, as well as the secondary options i have [i.e. my bank cc, my actual cc]) if i hit "make payment." i'm guessing yes, since when it redirects me, it takes me to auctiva without me ever signing in to paypal...
  7. Well, I was totally creeped out the first time I went to pay for an item I won and "Auctiva" poped up. Anyway, since I was using my American Express card I figured they would protect me so I continued with the checkout. Turned out Auctiva is just another honest method and, yes, you can choose how you wish to pay.