If I'm going to splurge on a pair of Louboutins...

  1. Should it be a classic, timeless style I could always wear, or something a little more on the trendy side, but still wearable throughout seasons?

    At my current job, the dress code is pretty casual. I can wear flip flops, jeans and tees on Friday, and during the week it's very business casual, if that. I usually wear open toe heels.

    I have a pair of CL espadrilles that are so comfortable. However, I've been thinking about buying another pair of CL's. The question is - would it be better to plunk down the cash on a classic pair, such as these. BTW, does anyone have these? They look very comfortable. Do they run true to size? I normally wear a US 9, but maybe I should go up half a size and order a 39.5?



    Or go for something different? Such as these.



    What would you guys do? TIA! :nuts:
  2. peep toe MJ's!!!:love:
  3. Which MJs? Pics, please :graucho:
  4. i think u should get a comfy pair to start then get the fun ones thats what i did
  5. I only see one pair of MJ's hon{?}

    Have you seen them in hot pink?
    My SA had them on at the Chanel luncheon:drool:
  6. The first or the second pair. I'm not into edgier stuff that might go out of fashion in a season or two.
  7. I agree with your idea of buying a classic pair...I'd go with the first one's. BTW, I also wear a 9, and in CL's I have to buy 40 (us10) open toe, and 40.5 in closed toe (because my foot slides forward in open toes and they slide out)...
  8. Love the 1st and the 3rd. The first ones are very comfy - good support too! I would totally get those. I like the 3rd for summer if you don't have a summer shoe already.

    The last 2 are too trendy IMHO, and I'm iffy on the 2nd (mainly b/c I think Manolo makes better slingbacks!)

    For me, CL sizing is weird... I actually go down 1/2 a size from my Manolo sizing :shrugs: - the SA thinks it's because I have narrow feet?

    LOL, I think Swanky means MJ=Mary Jane (not Marc Jacobs!)
  9. yes MJs in this thread = Mary Janes! :yes:
  10. I really like that last pair. And you could wear it more than just this year.
  11. I second this: I wear a 9 and have to get 40.5 in Louboutins too. Also they run narrow, so be sure to try them on.
  12. I like the idea of a classic pair too! The first or second is a great choice, and will follow you around for years to come! Plus that gorgeous red sole looks sooooooo striking with black as a contrast! Just get the clear zipsoles from foot petals that a PF'er mentioned, and you're all set to go!
  13. The practical (dominant) side of me says you should buy a classic pair. They are always practical and you will get a lot of use and joy out of wearing them and showing them off. That being said, I absolutely adore the green patent mary janes. I practically flipped when I saw them on NAP!!! Although you may not wear those as often as a classic pair, you will certainly get noticed! And as goofy as this sounds, I would think about my shoes constantly through the day whenever I wore those if I was lucky enough to have them.
  14. hmmm if your going to splurge, go for something trendy! their is always time for classic. I dont like the first pair at all, I hate round toe...its not in style either haha!

    I bought the black patent IOWA's ( the green peep toe you pictured) they are amazingly hot. Go for them in black patent....HOT HOT HOT. they run narrow so you have to size up. they go well with skinny jeans, straight leg jeans, skirts, shorts, dresses ANYTHING..they are a semi classic pair + trendy.....loves them.