If I'm at a Coach Store tomorrow...

  1. would they have a catalog of the new stuff that will be out on Friday? And if so, do you think if I saw something I liked they could order it?? Or possibly sell it to me tomorrow? I have to return something, but I would have to go tomorrow and I know the new items will be out Friday. Thanks!!
  2. they could definately order something for you or you can buy it tomorrow if its there, many have preordered stuff already, and some have recieved it so I dont see why not.
  3. Also if you have a prior relationship with an SA they will uusually pull something from the back for you.
  4. ^^ i just did that for a lady today!

    hehe. and lets say she left happy.

    the current catalog has whats coming out on friday. tmr i'm working on the floorset. and yes i've seen the scribbles and i love it!!

    what is going to come out is

    the gallery totes

    the signature stripe in punch and blue, black and white, white and khaki, and khaki and chocolate.

    there's an oblong scarf of signature stripe with green but so far no bag to match...but i'm psyched. hopefully they will..if not the scarf is still cute.

    there's also that "like bowling bag satchel" bag coming out, but it's flatter version?

    and of course the hobo in lilac (with matching wallet/accessories...actual mini wallet and slim envelope or checkbook, can't remember. there's also the signature in light blue with matching accessories.

    and there's a small pouch, trimmed in pink, with a flower on it and a bit of crystal embellishment (very little, not too gaudy)

    hmmmmm that's all i can think of now. there's no legacy in my store *sigh* so we aren't going to get the new colors and design.

  5. so is the new stuff out today (thursday) or tomorrow (friday)??

  6. I can't wait...i'm so excited.