If I won the lottery......

  1. I could very well be tempted!:sneaky:

    Neiman Marcus

    It's a steal at the 7000 dollar range but that's a buy vs the croc Paddy at 12!
  2. if you won, can u buy me one too:p
  3. hee hee make it 3
  4. I'll take one too!!! It's TDF!!
  5. It is gorgeous and expensive!! I'll take one too if you win!! ;)
  6. Me 6
  7. Me Too!!!
  8. And me :yahoo:
  9. dont leave me out!! its unfair, as everyone else is getting one ;) lol
  10. Oh! Hopefully I didn't miss out! :yahoo:
  11. Yep
  12. I just looked at the picture, I have been loving that washed lizard since they put that picture out. It has to go on sale, right?

  13. It will go on sale someday and that's a fact. I don't think they'll fly off the shelves at that price. At the least a score of 3500 dollars (50 percent discount)? But I bet you'll be able to pick it up for 2 grand in some way.

    My sister bought her 4200 dollar Python Betty for 1800 dollars. I saw it on E-bay yesterday for 1200 dollars starting bid. Now that doesn't mean the winner will get that purse for 1200 dollars BUT it's a possibility!

    A final note, I will NEVER pay full retail for a Chloe item.:push: However I can see why people did two years ago. They weren't available like they are now.