If I were to buy this, do you think I could get the mark out?

  1. What is the mark made of? ink? dirt? it all depends. You should keep in mind that even trying to get the mark out may leave a mark. It doesn't seem like that much of a distraction. Lucky its on the bottom.
  2. the seller just says it's a "black blemish". i would clarify with the seller what type of stain/mark it is before buying. if you can get that info, we might be able to help you better. good luck.
  3. I asked the seller, I'll post what he says. Thanks.
  4. Because it's a light material, I have a feeling that you couldn't get it off too easily. The dark colour of the stain will have bonded to the leather.

    You wouldn't want to risk damaging the leather, either.
  5. the seller said that it really wasn't even that noticeable, but he took a very closeup picture, plus it's on the bottom. maybe i'm making a big deal out of a small matter..
  6. i don't think you are making a big deal at all. you should be completely happy with the bag. so, whatever you decide make sure you can live with the spot before you buy because there might be a possibility that it won't come off. if it really bothers you... even a small blemish can stick out like a sore thumb.

    did the seller say what type of stain/mark it is?
  7. make sure what the mark really is before going at it. u can always bring it to the chanel boutique too.
  8. i have yet to try it, but fayden was saying when the white cc's on her bag were getting dirty, she used babywipes and it cleaned them right up.

    i have to go to the store and pick some up and give mine a wash! good luck, the pink is a lovely color for cambon.
  9. I was never really in to the pink cambon, but when I heard that it's discontinued, I just think it would make a great investment piece.

    The seller told me that she's not sure what it is, but it's permanent. :sad: