If I were to buy a designer bag...

  1. If I were to buy a designer bag, would it be cheaper to get in Las Vegas or Hawaii? I think I'm going to both places for the summer, and I want to make my first good purchase. Do you ladies know?
  2. i think noriko has said a few times that things are cheaper, usually, on the mainland. so i'd say Las Vegas!
  3. I thought it was the other way around?
  4. I am not sure of the prices in Hawaii but I know Vegas had similar prices as Boston but there is a 7% tax in Vegas. I ended up buying a bag in Vegas and got it shipped to me and you don't have to pay taxes. You just need to figure out if its worth paying the taxes vs shipping. GOOD LUCK!
  5. I am pretty sure that LV prices are a little bit cheaper in Hawaii then mainland. You'll also save a few percent on taxes (~3%?) in Hawaii when compared to Las Vegas.
  6. I would go against Vegas. The taxes are too high! Or you could have it shipped to you to avoid this...
  7. I've heard that it's a bit more expensive in Hawaii. But then again, tax in Vegas is high, so may be they are the same.
  8. Really? I always assumed it would be cheaper at both places because I thought Vegas had no sales tax, and Hawaii is not a part of the main land, so it would be cheaper? I guess I was wrong?
  9. Ladies, I'm confused. I thought retailers sell designer handbags at listed price, aren't they all the same if we don't factor tax, promotional discount (opening account, ...).

    Jewlzz, good luck on your first good purchase. What do you have in mind? =)
  10. Many things are more expensive in Hawaii as they are all imported. However, I would imaging the designer's biz to control the price across USA, including hawaii.
  11. I've shopped in Hawaii before, and everything was a little more expensive, incl. designer goods (I think because of the import issue). PLUS prices varied from boutique to boutique at times (I was looking at Coach bags specifically). But I don't know about the sales tax issue, I'm not sure how much I paid...
  12. Thanks! I'm not sure what I really want yet, but I'm thinking about something from Gucci or LV.

    So, are you guys saying that it would be cheaper to buy just buy things online because there's no tax? And sometimes there's free shipping?
  13. Are bags online already tax-added?
    I am sure that Hawaii has a much lower tax than Vegas. Probably you can check with Noriko or theartofacquisition?
  14. I realize this takes the fun out of it...but if the prices and taxes were really high, maybe you could just look at -- and try on! -- the bags in the botiques in vegas and hawaii, then order one on-line from eluxury or wherever when you get home.
  15. I've heard Vegas usually has great sales on bags. My mom picked up a few Marc Jacob bags there when she was on vacation for $600-800 (nearly half priced!)