If I were shopping on Thursday.........

  1. I would:
    Go to Mervyns and get a $10 gift card for being one of the 250 customers! But you have to be early! 5:00 AM! PLUS you get a $10 reward for every $50 you spend. They are having a AWESOME bra sale- $13.99 EVERY BRA EVERY BRAND.
    I would then head over to Gottshalks and get another $10 shopping card for being one of the 1st 500 shoppers at 5:00 AM. PLUS there are 20% coupons any single items for all departments. There is:
    Teach and talk laptop reg. 49.99 Friday only $14.99
    1/8 CT. T.W. Diamond Bracelet reg. 120 Friday only $39.99
    Monster Tumbler remote control car Reg. 29.99 now $9.99
    Tune Traveler for your ipod. Portable speaker system reg. 39.99 now $7.99
    Procter Silex Grill Reg. $39.99 now $4.99
    Presto Grill REg. 39.99 now $9.99
    Tea Kettle reg. $25 now $9.99
    Emils Basic's 14 pc Cookware set reg. 79.99 now $29.99
    Yankee Candle Vanilla COokie Housewarmer REG/ $9.99 now $4.99
    $1.88 for DVD"s- some titles are CAt in the HAt, Hulk
    Barbie Fashion Fever $5 ea.
    Easy Bake Over $10
    Remote controlled Hummer $20
    iDog $10
    100% cashmere Sweaters $29
    Durabrand 12 cup coffee maker $3.98
    2 quart slow cooker $3.98
    taoster $3.98
    Hand mixer $3.98
    Brother Sewing Machine $55
    $10 cash card for every purchase over $50
    1/8 ct. TW Diamond Solitaire earrings. REg. $100 now $23.99
    LArge holiday jar candles REG> 9.99 NOW $3.99
    Double Dance Pad- plugs in to TV reg. 39.99 now $14.99
    CUTE Boots REg. $59.99 now $19.99 sonoma and aresoles
    Candie's Shoes 50% off
    ALOT of good deals!
    I would go but it is way to early and I am poor this week of all weeks!!!
    happy shopping!!!