If I were engaged/married:

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  1. (Credits go to Chelsea)
    I know there are a few of us on here waiting for a ring or just have that dream ring they want one day! My boyfriend already has my setting but we are changing the head and this is what I want my ring and wedding band to look like:

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  2. gorgeous!!
  3. Yay! I'm glad someone made the thread real! Those are gorgeous rings! I'm drooling over the yellow.

    I'm a Tiffany girl. Gotta go with the Tiffany setting, I love how simple and sparkly it is. Hopefully 1 carat too! Need to start coughing "ring" when my boyfriend is around. ;)

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  4. Mine asked me what I wanted and I sent him numerous pictures so he is very well aware of what I want lol!
  5. I think I'm glad that I got engaged / married before TPF, all this information would have been very dangerous!
  6. I just have a dream man, any ring would be perfect with him :sad:
  7. I totally agree though. Anything he got me Id be overjoyed with.