if i were an animal....

  1. so the "if i were an animal what would i be?" topic came up in conversation recently and i asked around to people closest to me and every single one of them, without fail, said a poodle. now its your turn! ask around and post your results :smile:
  2. hmm.. if i had to be an animal.. i would be a sea turtle or a hummingbird. lol.
  3. dog, they have the best life. walking around, begging for food. sleeping every where. sigh
  4. a seahorse :p
    u can tell from my pf's name
  5. a dolphin, it'd be so much fun just swimming, eating, and rescuing dumb humans when they fall overboard.:p
  6. I'd be a seal!

  7. I would be hawk so I can fly and soar wherever I want and see the world from above!
  8. I'd be a macaw! Beautiful creatures that can fly over the glorious tropics.
  9. i'd be a tiger, they're so beautiful
  10. I'd totally be a cat!
    I love cats, and everyone things I resemble cats in many ways.
    (If you'd ask, my friends would say sophisticated black cat, my boyfriend would say cute white kitten)
  11. i'd probably be a penguin - just waddle all day...lol
  12. An elephant. Mostly because it's claimed they never forget and I could use some extra memory help lately.
  13. I'd be a bigfoot.
  14. A dog. I wouldn't mind being my dog. Her biggest challenge every day is to see how many treats she can get out of me. Gets to sleep 23 hours a day and get a lot of massages.
  15. I woild be a cat. I have several feline characteristics (aloof, lazy, greedy, selfish, LOL) and I just adore kitties so much and think they RULE.