If I was to sell my bags ...

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  1. should I sell them one by one or should I sell them as a collection?:wondering
  2. How about give the collection as an option? I can see lots of people buyin it separately but someone may take the plunge and offer you a good price for them all.
  3. Probably one by one, as a collection they might not fetch as high a price some since people may not value every piece.
  4. It would probably be better to try to sell them one by one. After all, a buyer may not necessarily be interested in buying 3 all at once nor purchasing all the specific styles that you may be selling.
  5. I agree, one piece per sale.
  6. I would do one by one also so you get the most for your $$$ out of each piece. Why would you sell your collection, it's so amazing!!!
  7. You have a FABULOUS collection! Definitely sell one by one!
  8. i would do it one by one.
  9. I am feeling guilty about NOT using a lot of the bags.:sad2: I thought if I can sell all my LVs I can get a Birkin instead! I am sure I will use it all the time!:smile: Just a thought.
    Thank you, everyone, for all your comments.:love:
  10. Now THAT sounds like a plan!!! Best of luck and let the Marketplace know what you are selling :nuts:

  11. A really good plan!!! I did the same to get my Birkin ..and she's worth it!! :smile:
  12. Sell them one by one.:nuts:
  13. Yea, definitely one by one. I think you'll get more $ that way.
  14. I'll chime in too and say one by one. And yes, please show them on the Marketplace. Good luck with the Birkin!
  15. We'd love for you to sell your LV's on the forum! Definitely one by one. If you sold them as a lot, it would fetch a crudload of money but each bag wouldn't reach its potential worth.

    I have *never* regretted selling a bag I don't use. In fact, I hardly miss it and I always wonder why I didn't think to sell it earlier.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.