if i wanna sell one of my LV bags..

  1. i have a couple of items on the same receipt and i wanna include the receipt..but im not selling all of them..how should i do it without having the buyers doubt the authenticity of the item :confused1:
  2. You can make copies of the receipt and keep the original receipt for yourself. I never send out my original receipt to buyers when I sell my items. Hope that helps.
  3. You should probably make a photocopy of the receipt (with your personal information blacked out), and you should state this in your auction. I don't think it's safe to actually give the buyer the real receipt (and who knows what people can do with them?).
  4. just explain about the receipt... :smile:
  5. oh! i thought u had to include the original receipts ..because there are so many fake receipts floating around..
  6. even receipt can be faked on eBay, i would actually prefer to keep the original should the buyer claim it's not real. Most auction only supply a copy of receipt w/personal info black out, so it's quite acceptable practice. :smile:
  7. Very true. Most sellers with multiple or single item receipts just provide Copy of Receipt with personal information blacked out.
  8. Yes, I would just provide copy of the receipt as well.
  9. thanks!!

  10. Hi, could I know what bags you'll sell?;)