If I took my Birkin in for Spring cleaning, will they...

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  1. Just wondering if I took my Birkin in for a spring cleaning, if they will bring him back to me in a new orange box with pillows sleepers and all.
  2. ^^^^^^Nope, but if you just bring in the bag, she will get a brand new sleeper. So, if anyone has the old sleeper, keep it because Hermes will exchange it for a new orange one.
  3. Really??? Even if you bought your Kelly from a reseller and it didn't come w/ a sleeper??? Will I get an orange one?? That's what I want!!!:yes:
  4. ^^^^^^^As long as it's authentic you will get a new sleeper when it comes back.
  5. Hmmm- I just got my birkin back from spa treatment and no new sleeper. I dropped it off without the sleeper hoping it would be returned with one but no such luck. I assume the reason had nothing to do with authenticity because not only was the bag refurbished but I also had initials embossed on the strap.
  6. So maybe TaxVixen, your craftsman ran out of sleeper bags?!? :yes:
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