If I send a Second Chance Offer, can the original buyer neg. me?

  1. 11 days ago I sold a piece of designer costume jewelry to a buyer with perfect feedback of over 500.

    I've emailed numerous times but never heard from her and and 2 days ago was forced to open an "Unpaid Item dispute" with eBay. I still haven't heard anything from her.

    If I offer this item to the next highest bidder, can the original winner (if she ever surfaces) get angry with me and somehow give me a negative?

    I guess I just don't know how long to wait to hear from the original winner... something must be wrong for her not to contact me. After all, she has perfect feedback.

    On the other hand, I want to do a Second Chance Offer to someone else, while she still may want it.

    Any suggestions?
  2. After 7 days from opening a non-paying bidder dispute you can close the dispute and get a refund of your final value fees as long as the buyer has not responded to the dispute. Then you can NEG them and they can never neg you back. They are blocked from neg'ing you. Isn't that cool? That's about the only cool thing about eBay.

    I'd wait until the 7 days are up. Don't try to contact the original buyer anymore. Then close the dispute, neg them, and relist your item or do a second chance offer.
  3. That is cool! I would feel bad about doing it, since I have never neg'd anyone... ever. No matter what ridiculous thing the buyer or seller did. I hated the thought of retaliatory feedback from someone who I might give a neg to...

    This woman has perfect feedback. Something terrible must have happened to her.

    So, you are suggesting to wait until 7 days after the "Unpaid Item dispute" and then do a second chance offer? That's more than 2 weeks to actually do anything to try and re-sell.

    It does sound like a good idea, though. Thanks!
  4. Hi, I would request contact information from ebay and call her first.

    I have the same thing going on presently. I emailed several times with a note to at least contact me as I am a reasonable and understanding seller and willing to work something out ... etc. No response.

    Today I will phone.
  5. Also, eBay did FINALLY change their policy. If you report someone as a non paying bidder, they CANNOT leave you feedback or respond to your negative feedback.
    FINALLY I cannot believe it took years for Ebay to change that one.

    My only neg is from a nonpaying bidder who never contacted me. I gave her over a month to work something out w/ me. No response. Finally I reported her as a non paying bidder and left a simple negative feedback (first one I left). "Non paying bidder. Never responded to my emails"

    She is alive!! She retaliates by leaving me a negative feedback: "SCAMMER AVOID SELLING FAKES!!!!!"

    Unfortunately, the new policy is NOT retroactive.

    I got over it.
  6. I will not spend the money to call her long distance. Even though she is in NYC and I am in Toronto, (which is very close and therefore very cheap to call), I will not spend the money to do it.

    I have called a seller, when I was a buyer... but that was different. I was worried about not hearing from her after I sent her a huge payment.

    I'll wait and neg her and do a second chance offer. Thanks for the help! :smile:
  7. I think waiting the 7 days to pay, and then 7 days for non-paying report period is plenty of time to give the buyer to respond. I don't have any problems giving non-paying bidders negatives. Sellers need to know this stuff. If you don't neg them, other sellers will be affected. It's kind of a heads up to other sellers, kwim?
  8. yep. have not had to do it yet, but i have gotten to that 6 1/2 day point and have been close. knowing that i can't get neg'd for it helps, but all in all , i wish people would just pay.
  9. Knowing I won't get a retaliatory negative, makes all the difference in the world.
  10. Are you sure of this? I know if they have 0 FB and go naru they can't, but I am not sure about the rest.
  11. Losing Feedback Privileges

  12. great post smooth!
  13. Thanks for posting. What happens if they get the strike reversed?