IF I sell a bag to someone in Germany...

  1. what is the best way to be paid??

    I have never done this and now have a potential buyer from Germany asking IF I will accomodate the sale...

    How did you receive payment?? Bidpay? Paypal (aren't there higher fees)? Some other method?

    Also - in shipping for international sales I ship Express International (USPS) - that should be ok ~ correct?
    I also read that you are only protected up to $450 shipping into Germany... My item is $499 so apparently I would be "risking" the $49 (which I am OK with)

    I do want to be sure they will be aware of the duty charges which I am guesstimating at about 69-70 Euros??!?

    I know there are several questions that I have asked but any advice would be greatly appreciated!


  2. As regards to payment. Ask for money transfer, addresses in Germany cannot be confirmed with paypal so you are not covered by seller protection!
  3. I wouldn't accept any payment from Germany that can be charged back in any way.

    Germany has recently become very "scammy" for eBay sellers.
  4. If you do decide to sell it to this potential buyer, I would email him/her NOW and state how you want payment and that any customs fees are the buyer's responsibility and obtain his/her agreement before the sale is completed. That way, the potential buyer can decide now if s/he wants to buy it given your stipulations.

    You don't want to be discussing these things after the fact.

    Good luck!
  5. Personally I have done many sales to Germany without a problem. In fact all my international sales have been better than USA sales been. I have always checked the buyers feedback first and based on that I have accepted either Paypal, BidPay, and Bank Transfers. I almost always accept Paypal on buyers with 100% and relatively high 200+ feedback - always check at toolhaus dot org for negs concerning problematic buyers, payment or signs of fraud. On certain items items however I won't accept Paypal (regardless) for overseas as the risk is too much for me to bear, these are usually things that are $1k or more...

    As far as shipping is concerned, USPS Express is the best way to go. They also have the cheapest rates. You get tracking and automatic insurance for $100. Anything above $100 you pay extra for insurance.

    Its best to let your buyer figure out what their duties are going to be, because they all vary depending on country, province, etc. and per individual/household yearly allowance.
  6. I've shipped to Germany many times without any problems too.
  7. Wire Transfers ? Are they a hassel?
  8. I too have shipped to Germany multiple times with no problems. I sent the package via usps express mail which provided me with tracking. The buyer paid via paypal.
  9. OK- great thanks!
  10. I would not do Paypal because the nicest buyer in the world and scam you and Paypal will side with them, because you ARE NOT covered by Paypal seller protection. I wold only accept a wire transfer. Wires are very easy and CANNOT be reversed. Call your bank and ask for your ABA number Sort Code or SWIFT. Send it to your buyer and as soon as your banks tells you funds are there, ship your bag via USPS Express Mail. Get the item insured and signature confirmation. You can sleep easy if you do it this way. Taking a risk is not worth it. I sent a $500.00 pair of Manolos to Austria confirmed address, buyer did a chargeback (Paypal), I lost the shoes and the $$$$. Never again. I have since shipped all over the world with no problems or headaches.
    Good luck
  11. OH I see! But - you weren't worried about them getting your financial info??
  12. I thought as of now, only USA, UK and Canada address can be confirmed? Are you referring to a verified buyer but without a confirmed address?

    Anyhow, I've shipped to Germany buyers and they paid by Paypal. No problems at all. I believe as long as the package can be tracked online, and it shows that the package has been delivered, you should be fine.
  13. What do you guys think of Western Union?
    As a seller do you have any protection?
  14. No, they can only depost money with the info, not withdraw. This information is on every check you write. I am an accountant with homes in 2 countries and I transact via wire transfer all the time in dollars and Euros.

    Peppy, yes you are correct, buyer was verified not confirmed (just checked my records). It was almost 2 yrs ago when I first started selling my personal items on eBay. I will never make that mistake again.

    Good luck.

  15. This is definitely up to your gut because either you're risking all or they are. If you take paypal, you have no protection because his/her address is not confirmed. If they send you a bank transfer, they have no protection whatsoever. So for you, the best way to be paid is bank transfer, wait for it to clear than ship, but they might not agree to it.

    Also that comment about "Germany becoming more scammy" is definitely not a fair statement. No country is getting scammier than another. Scammers live everywhere, it's not fair to say 'it's from Germany, must be a scam'.