If I receive a Paypal eCheck

  1. I'm a new seller, and I just sold a bag. I was having a little hassle at first with the sale and wasn't sure it was going to go through. I think it's getting better, though, now. My buyer paid via eCheck today. At first I was bummed, because of the extra time to clear. But now it occurred to me that this might be advantageous, since there's no possibility of an unfounded chargeback.

    If the eCheck clears in the next few days, am I all set with nothing further to worry about? Her address is confirmed, and Paypal shows that it's eligible for Seller Protection if I use the proper shipping. I will be requiring signature confirm, mailing to specified address, and fully insuring. Are there still things that could go wrong? Thanks for your help!
  2. Looks good and yes an echeck eliminate the dreaded chargeback option. Put a security tag on the bag. Go to your local party store and buy yurself a pack. Put it on a very obvious part of the bag, strap, handles, etc.
    Good luck.
  3. Thanks! I bought a set of the numbered bracelets already so that it will have one on it and I'll have the matching one.