If I order from elux on the phone can I specify I want a "made in France" bag?

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  1. Do they do special requests like this?
  2. nop.....i tried at least 3 times, and every one of them were different from my request!!! :crybaby:
  3. ok thanks!
  4. If you want a made in France bag, you might want to get it quickly too at the Boutique (i.e., the Damier Speedy). I was told by my SA yesterday when I bought mine that they are quickly selling out the the made in France ones and soon the only ones available here will be the made in the USA ones.
  5. Does anyone know if the saleya from elux are made in France? I have a bag to return so I want to do it thru elux.
  6. no, you can't ask elux to do it, I've tried.
  7. What is up with Elux? Is anyone else having a problem with the site?
  8. Oh MAN! I was planning on getting mine around Christmas, but all the made in France ones will probably be gone by then...hmmm...maybe I'll be able to convince the parents to get it for my birthday next month...in addition to the fuchsia perfo cles they already got me as an early birthday present...:graucho:

    and Becca4277, elux hasn't been working for me either, since yesterday...
  9. wow! maybe they were trying to spite you for asking..
  10. My Damier Speedy was ordered from eLux and is made in the USA. I won't lie- I wasn't completely thrilled about that... Let us know if you have luck with getting the France bag you want!
  11. If you want a france one, you can always call around the boutiques ans ask.
  12. i was wondering about the same thing too. good thread!
  13. My Saleya PM came from elux and it's a made in France! So is my Piano...but the Speedy is USA (all from elux).
  14. The Charlotte store still has some made in France Speedies in Damier.
  15. YAY!:yahoo:Thanks!