If I LOVE Kooba, what other designers might I really like also?

  1. Interested in any feedback as I am a handbag novice. Thanks girls. :smile:
  2. You might love Botkier or Be&D, usually can find them in Neiman Marcus or Saks stores. Price range is about 400-700
  3. Isabella Fiore
  4. well i love kooba too and i now am in the market for a few botkiers, def. check them out

    and i really love gustto too the leather is like butter like no joke i sit on the subway or wherever with my bag and i find myself petting it
    it has nice big hardware stuff that i love like kooba has a lot of rivets and stuff

    google them see if you like the stuff :yahoo:
  5. botkier, gustto, isabella fiore, cole haan, imho!
  6. def. botkier and you also might wanna try aaneta
  7. Definitely IF bags and Botkiers. I think it's the leather similarities. I also have been eyeing up Gusttos. If and Botkiers can run the same amounts of money similar to Koobas, especially if you can find a sale.

    I got the Crosby Botkier Hobo for 347 on a sale while it retails for 695.
  8. well lexie i know its far but if you know anyone in the nyc area, there is a gustto sample sale coming up not this wk but next so if you know anyone ask them to go pick you up something i mean the gusttos sell for about 700 and at the sample sale they are more then 1/2 off like around 300 so its worth looking into!

    im telling you ladies give gustto a shot the leather is amazzzing!:heart: :heart: :heart:
  9. Bessie, ever since I saw this bag, I wanted it. I think the leather looks amazing. Anyone have this particular bag and can give me some insight?

  10. i'm dying for a Gustto Parina. I'm definitely gonna try to get one at the sample sale.
  11. well its the same leather that the gustto baca i have is made of (if you look @ my collection there are clear pics of it i think it shows how soft the leather is) it really is amazing i pet it when i am carrying it , it feels that nice dare i say may be softer then the kooba leather :smile: hehe

    i love my baca nice small bag but the parina is really nice too! (the one you put a pic of) and since this leather is so light weight for a big bag it doesnt feel that way at all ( i dont have one but i tried it at the last gustto sample sale) and it may be the next one for me too! :smile:
  12. I agree with the other replies; Gustto, Botkier, Isabella Fiore.

    Bulga also has some really cute bags... same price range as Kooba and you can find good deals as well.
  13. I thought the one I pictured was a Setela? Is that right? One of my favorite eBay sellers has a caramel one up really reasonable but then I noticed the size. 19x17 is just too huge. I also saw the Mila's which seem just the right size and equally as nice. The eBay auction of the Setela has some really nice pics that show off that leather so well.
    I can see it's softer than Kooba leather. I never really considered Kooba leather as soft. I love it but it's a more sturdy stiffer leather IMO.
  14. Botkier, definitely. I'm a proud owner of 2 Botkier's , 1 Kooba. You might also like Gustto..:jammin: