If I love both the Mandy and Legacy Shoulder bag...

  1. ... because of the yummy leather, beautiful hardware, and lovely colors, what other Coach bags do you think I would like?

    LOL, I realize that seems like an odd question but here is my explanation. I consider myself a Coach noobie and am amazed at how many styles Coach carries. I love the Legacy line, especially the Mandy and Legacy Shoulder Bag and would love any kind of pointers towards similar bags that have luscious Coach leather, beautiful hardware, gorgeous colors, and are logo free.

    Any thoughts are super appreciated!
    9b8c_1.JPG bc70_1.JPG
  2. Well, how about the Ali? I have both the Ali & the Mandy and love them both for different reasons. Ali has the same leather as the Mandy and she boy is she gorgeous!
  3. Personally I am in LOVE with the Leigh (I can post pics if you would like) I also love the satchel but it is not a shoulder bag. And a new bags that has grown on me is the Ali. I think you would love these bags!
  4. My favorite bags are all Legacy Leather too (for me - Satchel, Ali, Mandy). You might want to take a look at the Leather Bleecker line. It also has really soft leather, but is a little lighter in weight. They still have nice lining (tattersall instead of legacy liner) and chunky hardware. They also come in a wider variety of colors without loud logos. I've picked up a couple of the larger duffles (magenta & black) and just got the smaller duffle in Wine and really like them as a change from the Legacy bags (and the logo is on the bottom!). I might try the shopper or large flap bleecker next. The new spring colors look fun (yellow, green, blue and rose!).

    Good Luck and happy shopping!
  5. Hi Gung and welcome to Coach! I've seen you over on the RM threads and your closet thread---I was totally:drool:!
    I agree w/ whoever suggested Ali, she has a small logo and that yummy Legacy leather. I would also suggest to you the Ergo line. They are pretty much logo free and have delish leather! Have fun!
  6. I also love the Ali :tup: It is a great bag, yummy leather, and not a lot of logo. Another delicious legacy item is the satchel but it is not a shoulder bag. :tup:
    Here is a pic I already have of some of my bags (excuse the Carly!) this is the white ali, the whiskey ali, and the black satchel :yes:
  7. Hi GUNG,

    You've discovered on of many tpfer's favorite styles..the 06 legacy collection! My favorite legacy bag is the 06 Ali--pictured earlier--because it is such a versatile and roomy bag without looking huge. It's a real workhorse.

    I also have the Mandy and really do love it. It is a bit heavier but is a stunning bag. There have been some great 06 legacy deals at the outlet--the white leather is really gorgeous, but the whiskey is my all time favorite.

    You may also want to keep an eye out for when Coach introduces its 08 legacy line...many of us are anxiously awaiting when we'll get to see it!

    Your choices are excellent!
  8. I vote for Ali too. I have her in black leather and opted for her over the shoulder bag and the mandy becuase the drop and shape worked better for me but I love the double pockets with turnlocks on the shoulderbag and the Mandy. I also really like the 06 legacy slim tote and the 07 satchel but I like the 06 legacy line the best, good luck finding more pieces !
  9. I love the Legacy Line as well and have several pieces in my collection.
    My favorite is the Ali so I would say that since you have two whiskey
    bags you might want to try for an Ali in black, white or natural color.
    Another Line I love from Coach which has amazing leathers is the Bleeker Collection.
    I own the Bleeker laced Flap and the Bleeker Duffle in Bottle Green and Canary Yellow.
    As you can see these are sumptuous leathers as well. You can also try the new Ergo Line which will be out in late Spring. New Legacy Leather should be in Coach Stores
    sometime in March/April - we are all waiting for the Spring stuff.
    IMG0001_3.jpg 11423_B4Y3_t.jpg IMG0002_9.jpg
  10. I agree that you really should check out the '06 Ali and the Leigh. They are both beautiful bags that are made with the same luscious Legacy leather. You should also check out the leather Carly and Leather Ergos. They are also made with great leather but are different from the Legacy bags. Let's not forget the Bleekers-great colors and that adorable Tattersall lining. Oh and if you really LOVE rich leather and beautiful hardware, get your hands on a Miranda!! That should keep you busy for a while!! Happy Hunting!!
  11. I vote Ali too! It's a great bag with gorgeous leather!
  12. I also love the Ali!!! If you like that wonderful legacy leather you will love the ali!
  13. I also have/love the Mandy & Legacy Shoulder Bag ('06). The Legacy Leather Satchel is beautiful, too (I have that, too), but it is a hand-held/arm-held bag. I agree with the others on the Ali (I have that as well) but it does have a logo on the flap. Another bag with yummy leather is the Bleecker Shopper but I think that also has a logo on the front flap IRL (although the catalogue doesn't show a logo on the front flap -don't know why). Oh, there are just so many to choose from - I just LOVE all of Coach's leather purses!
  14. The new Medium Lily satchel...she's a BEAUTY!!!! (Style # 11625 $768)
  15. the legacy collection totally gets to me too!! you're not the only one around here