if i ever win the lottery...

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  1. i'd buy each of u gal an RM bag!! :yes:

    why u ask?

    the moment i logged in, i received pm's from several girls from this forum relating to the discount code for FunkyLaLa on RM's MA/MAM in black w/ basketweave. there were also threads too that i read

    its just so sweet knowing that u girls actually shared the good news, rather than hide it from newbies (like me) who also want their hands on the basketweave bag.

    i kno this isn't high school lol, but still...it shows that u ladies have a great :heart: and i appreciate it

    i genuinely love each of y'all (not tryna be britney spears, but lol i'm from houston :P)
  2. This forum is so amazing like that!! Nicest girls ever! =) Yourself included, madbrinks!
  3. yes we have the nicest girls on the RM forum! I *heart* yall!
  4. I was so happy when RM got her own forum! it was miserable trying to find the rm posts in the general handbag section.

    :heart: you guys!!
  5. Thank you !!! That is so nice, I am new here in RM too. Everyone is soo nice
  6. Wouldn't that be sweet! With that kind of money you could custom order any bag you wanted!!!!! I realyl love this Forum i never really haev found a home on any other forum but this one rocks!
  7. yes~ RM girls make me feel at home ;)
  8. oh my they are the nicest! missyb posted yesterday to make sure I used the label360 code! so sweet :smile:
  9. awww, i love it here!