If I didn't love Cornflower or Blueberry will I love...

  1. 05 Navy (Bleu)? I have the chance to get a brand new w/ tags Navy in the twiggy style. Not sure how this compares in person to Cornflower or Blueberry. I already have Sky blue so I'd like something in between. Also FB is too bright for me. Thoughts????:confused1:
  2. It may be a good choice. Indigo also would be a good choice for a blue for you....it's got a pop of color without being as bold as FB. I'll try to find some pics. You know who has navy is fashion-cult and it's a gorgeous twiggy.
  3. I thought that navy was very close to blueberry. If you didn't like blueberry, then navy might not work either. Overall, I think that navy is a smidge brighter blue.
  4. After looking at some photos I agree. Think I'm going to pass on the navy. Thanks everyone.
  5. I don't think that 05 navy is all that similar to blueberry -- here's a comparison photo. Blueberry is quite a bit deeper and darker.

  6. ??
  7. Sorry, I forgot the photo, but just edited to add it.
  8. The Blueberry is certainly more richer in colour
  9. The Blueberry is certainly more richer in colour,
  10. The Blueberry is certainly more richer in colour, but the 05 leather is nicer