If I could only own one bag............

  1. I have so many fab bags in my closet and I love them all! Every purchase has a story which I will bore my daughters with as I pass the bags on to them as they get older and more appreciative of my collection. Which is the ONE bag in your collection you will never part with????
  2. My Gucci horsebit convertible clutch b/c it was a gift from my DH. The rest of them I bought on my own, but this one- he caved and got me the one bag I wanted to desperately at the time! I love it and will always treasure it!
  3. My chanel cerf tote.
  4. habanerita- Nice choice, is their a story attached to the purchase of your chanel?

    jag- again fab choice, do you have a pic?
  5. Hermes 28cm black Clemence Kelly w/ ruthenium hw:love:
  6. Birkin Black Palladium hardware... too bad I don't have one, but a girl can dream!
  7. Louis Vuitton Popincourt Haut. It's definitely one of those you better pry it out of my cold dead hands bags ! :graucho:
  8. hmmm, I don't know! I only have a few bags at all. . . and I adore 2 of them. . .
    I'd hate to give up my Chanel Luxe Flap because I don't know if they'll make it again and it's SOOO gorgeous!
    I'd also hate to give up w/ my LV BH because it's SO darn practical!

    How about 2!? can't we change the rules!?
  9. Oh no...only one? It would have to be either my blue Le Fab or Manhattan PM. I could not part with either since they were anniversary gifts from my DH. The manhattan was my first LV - so, it holds a lot of value to me for that reason as well.
  10. You might as well kill me because you're not getting my bags!
  11. Rose - my cerf is always there, ready to please, ready to go, has been through good times and not so good with me and has aged very, very gracefully.........When I take her out to see other Chanels she still looks the same as her new counterparts......she is my favorite!
  12. My LV Manhattan GM. It doubles as a work tote, so I would be able to live with only one (if I must!).

    Hopefulyy, however, I will never have to make such a choice and will continue to love and use each of my 50+ bags (eek, it's hard to see that number in black and white...).
  13. My Gold Togo Kelly bag
  14. My Fendi spy (any one).
  15. I am loving your choices.