If I could make up a bag...

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  1. There are probably posts on this but if I could make one up right now I would love to have a khaki and ebony large Carly with nickel/silver hardware as opposed to brass. And for a charm on it I would love to have a genuine coach diamond encrusted ball like a disco ball ! Oh fantasies !
  2. Mmm I want a carly..large i guess in green..like the green signature they had this spring! or somekind of patchwork with greens and golds and neutral colors.... not uggly green though... or no i got it, a patchwork of greens and aqua's and blues...beachy and like i don't know....i better email coach:idea:
  3. That sounds fabulous ! What color trim, gold leather ?
  4. I wish they would make Legacy bags, like the Mandy and Shoulder bag with silver hardware instead of brass.

    Also, more dark pink! love me some pink
  5. My dream Coach items are:

    1. A legacy style leather gallery tote,
    2. Dark leather Carly with legacy lining,
    3. All leather legacy large Agenda (see other thread),
    4. Legacy daypack

    I think I'm addicted to legacy!:graucho:
  6. ooh yes gold, and some of the patches should be gold.. or maybe some of the blue patches should have orientalish gold things on them.. not sure how to explain it, but yes...they oought to make something like this!
  7. I know, I wish they made the Carly with silver hardware too !
  8. More bags with silver hardware!!! Or more charms/keychains with brass/gold hardware!!!

    And a signature messenger like the multistripe one with a solid stripe instead.
  9. I wish they made the large ergo tote with some sort of more secure closure than just the dogleash. Maybe a magnet type closure? I like the bag but I am very anal about stuff falling out/getting snatched from my bags, and I just can't handle the "openness" of it. I keep thinking about getting it for PCE, but every time I "visit" it in the store I realize I couldn't handle it.
  10. Love this thread...I could be here all day making up bag fantasies! I want:

    1. A deep forest green Ali type Legacy bag...oooh, or a deep bordeauex.
    2. Carly in blue with dark brown leather trim and silver hardware.
    3. Shoulder Bag in cherry red with silver hardware.
    4. I'd love a Carly in khaki/ebony.

    Yeah, I could keep on going :graucho:
  11. I wish they would make the signature stipe tote a better reversible. Like one said it be the khaki and punch stripe and on the inside it be the khaki and blue stipe.

    I wish they would also make a legacy bag like the hermes picotin.

    also other items that I would make are:

    Signature stipe checkbook

    Turqouise flip flops in patent leather with white C's on the turqouise

    More I pod cases
    Cell phone cases
    Charms with names on them, especially Samantha haha

    Baby bedding
    Wedding rings, haha
    A Nissan Murano with signature seats.
  12. I would like a:

    1. Mandy in Brown
    2. Ali in Pond
    3. Carly in Chocolate Brown leather with black trim
  13. I would love a bubble gum pink leather mandy with nickel hardware and a longer strap. Mark Jacobs makes a cute bag like that !
  14. sorry i meant spelled "marc" my husband is "Mark"
  15. A legacy bag in RED - not pinkish red or orangish red but true deep blood red with silver hardware.
    A Carly in signature khaki with RED leather trim. - That would be my first signature bag purchase.
    And I echo spoiledrotten22, more charms & keyfobs with brass hardware b/c I can't mix metals.
    (i like red:graucho:)