~If I could, I would buy...~

  1. From venturing to neighbour BV (seems that we always get inspiration from other forums :shame:smile:, I thought this thread is fun because it applies to me almost everyday :sweatdrop:

    So, for me, if I could, I would buy:

    2. 2008 SS Balenciaga Bubblegum Pink Silver GH Work BIN @USD$1799 (as well!)

    :girlsigh::girlsigh: always so good to wish...
  2. Share yours ladies!
    So I know I am not alone :tender:
  3. A Violet Flat Messenger - if I could ever find one! May have to settle for black...
  4. Vert Gazon Twiggy from evilbay.. Broke broke broke!!
  5. the crazy distressed AnthraTwiggy that sold a couple weeks ago- WTH was I thinking not pressing that BIN button!?!?!??!!

    and- of course....that super pretty 2004 Violet City that sold yesterday!

    lol--- and that Turq City that sold in November!!! fricken Chanel!
  6. I'd love something in Steel/Plomb, wonder if it's still something available there...
  7. the 05 turquoise day whose pricecurrently going up up and up
  8. EB GSH City which I take too long to decide and let it got away
  9. My list is TOO long & that is a reason why it is IF I COULD!!! :sad:
  10. oh there are too many..but the main ones are a 05 turq work, 03/04 true red? city, green apple city, any color weekender, black city before 08 season..there are too many to list!
  11. 1. Dolma City from RDC

    2. Caramel 2003 City - nowhere to be found.

    BUT, I can't buy any more bags until I sell the ones I don't use.
  12. EB SGH PT!!!!!!!

    But I can't since I'm sort of on a ban :crybaby:
  13. Turquoise 05 City, with matching Planet if I can find one (I know I know...)
    If I don't find a City I could also make do with a Day.

    I still have to sell one more Balenciaga and one BV though. (the purging is going on hehehe!)
  14. turn the purging my way!
    ok..no..don't because i should be on aban myself! ACK!!
    i hate this thread..it keeps making me think of more bbags that i can't have!
  15. 5 Coin purses in bright colors (I absolutely don't need any more but I would LOVE to just look at them - they are like candy!!!) and 2 Toilet bags (which I have yet to see IRL).