If I could have your opinion?

  1. Some of you may remember all the issues I've had with my Rosalie bags. For those that don't, I had a total of five Rosalie bags and had to return them all for different issues with craftsmanship. Well, there are two new Rosalie designs that I'm eying, the black croc and the eel. I'm hoping that they've resolved the previous issues but I'm still hesitant to purchase. Anyway, my question is this, should I go ahead and buy another Rosalie? If so, which one?

    Here are the links to each bag....

    Eel: In the colour wine

    Black croc (faux):

  2. Jen - I remember you had issues with this design. I did not realize it was 5. Whether you should take a chance on #6, or go running in the other direction is not a question I can answer. The degree of willingness to take a risk is something ingrained into one's personality. How do you feel about it? What would happen if there was a sixth problem?

    Could you please summarize the five bag's issues to refresh my memory?
  3. Sure. The first 4 all had issues with the handles pulling away from the bag and/or the handle 'seam' cracking. The degree of the tear/cracking varied from bag to bag with the tan faux croc being the worst. Then the last one I had, which was my favourite, had the gold cap -on top of the bag- fall off. I had used it only 3 times when I noticed it was gone.

    If I did decided to buy this bag -again- I would be hesitant to purchase the eel one, but only because it would be from Jimmy Choo, directly. I know that sounds strange but they have such a bad return policy and, in my experience, sub-par customer service. I know they'll fix the bag but I don't want to have to keep returning it for repair. Not to mention it's more expensive, so more money I would be out of issues arose.

    I'm so torn, I truly love this design but I don't want to go through all that hassle again. :sad:
  4. Ya know, I think I'd pass on another Rosalie. It just seems like a bad design on the handle attachment to me. There are so many designers with this same style right now. Personally, I have had only one issue with Jimmy Choo quality which I find to be excellent but there is just something about this style...
  5. I'd also pass, I'm happy with mine (got a great deal on eBay), but like jmcadon said, so many similar styles. Since I bought my Prada Saffiano, poor Rosalie only gets out every 10 days!
  6. Thanks for the opinions.

    I did end up buying one and, so far, it's been fine. *knocks on wood* I actually wasn't going to make the purchase, though, but when I saw it in the store I really loved it. I asked her to hold it for me until I thought about it but couldn't even make it out of the store before going back and buying it. Sometimes I wonder if I made a mistake but every time I look at it I know it's the bag for me.
  7. Well...let's see it, girl!
  8. Absolutely.

    Pictures should be coming soon. I hate resizing them but I am working on it.
  9. Congrats on your bag. Love Jimmy Choo!!!
  10. So after spending close to $200 to have my bronze metallic professionally cleaning after my son had gotten vomit on it the bag is now destroyed. Has anyone ever had any issues with discoloration of the metallics? As you can see from the picture my bag now has dark spots and silver spots where it looks like the metallic has been rubbed off on the bottom corners.
  11. excellent choice.. love it!