If I could give you 1 piece of advice......

  1. what pearls of wisdom would you pass on if you could only give one piece of advice?

    Mine would be.....

    Mono Speedy 30

    (I think that answers a lot of questions in its self)

    Your turn
  2. mine isn't bag-specific. very simply:

    THINK. THINK before you buy anything to avoid buyer's remorse, do all the research, and trawl this forum for old threads to avoid redundancy
  3. Silver Mirror pouchette.:greengrin:
  4. Lower the limit on your credit card !
  5. "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you"
  6. Buy it if you LOVE it...who cares what others think!
  7. Don't forget accessories! haha
  8. Write the bad things that are done to you in the sand, but write the good things that happen to you on a piece of marble.
  9. buy what you love. buy for yourself, NEVER buy just to impress. LV is a lifetime commitment.
  10. Handbags are fun to obsess over, but not to stress over. Cherish your family and your good friends. If you have these, but not an LV, you have blessings enough.
  11. Don't buy something you are not crazy about just because it is on sale and is a bargain. Save your money and wait to get what you REALLY WANT.
  12. Life is not about FINDING yourself, it's about CREATING yourself.

    --------------sneaking one more in there bag related, think about what u want (handbag) for a week to see if you really want it, I've had sooo many handbag regrets!!! LOL!!!!---------------------------
  13. Very wise advice... I'd say the same.
  14. if you are choosing between a permanant bag or a LE....GET THE LE!!!!! i def regret not getting a miroir!
  15. Does it come in my size? :graucho: