If I can't have you (Kelly and Ebury), I don't want nobody baby?

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  1. I've been very open about my love for Hermes and Anya Hindmarch's Ebury, but they don't seem to love me back because they just keep asking for money . . .! So what do to do? I really need (no, I mean it, I do need) a smaller bag for daily use rather than the supersize versions and I don't have anything except a small square shaped Mulberry that I'm no longer keen on.

    So, how to find a bag that is:

    • Small to medium in size (big enough for a paperback, a purse (British! Where I keep my money), a bit of makeup and a phone
    • Classic, non-slouchy shape in the style of (not a copy) a Kelly or an Ebury
    • Black or possibly winter white/cream
    • Minimal hardware, no logos, plain design
    • High quality but not so expensive my children will have to be happy with a satsuma for Christmas
    • Suitable for a 30-something who dresses pretty formally, is tall and blonde
    All help gratefully received - I need you:sos: !