If I can talk myself into spending $1300 on a bag, which would you pick for me?


Which bag for me?

  1. White MC Trouville

  2. White MC Priscilla

  3. White MC Alma

  4. Neo Speedy in Fuschia

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  1. White MC Trouville, Priscilla or Alma or Neo Speedy in Fushia.

    I want something fun for summer.

    I am 32 in August and, from LV, I only have a Mono Speedy 30 and mono Wapity. In the fall, will probably pick up a mono BH or Damier Speedy. I can't afford to buy a ton of $$ bags, so would prefer a bag that would retain its appeal.
  2. Just got this one last week. Love it!
    pinkpurse5 (2).jpg
  3. I'd pick the Alma or the Trouville..
  4. Me too..
  5. i voted for the Priscilla i really like it! and then I would go for the Alma or Trouville... good luck with what you decide! :smile:
  6. I vote for the Alma. It is a classic style.
  7. Another vote for Alma here!!!
  8. I have the alma...and the shape I find it some times akward to carry when your wearing something sporty or laid back...(just because it looks like such a class bags it looks like something that would go better with khaki) so I say trouville.....you can wear it up and down~
  9. i would vote for the trouville! it is such a cute n fun bag. and yeah, you can wear it with almost everything. :biggrin:
  10. I love the Alma. Gorgeous with a business suit and great with jeans. It is a classic 12 months a year.
  11. I'd pick the Trouville - it looks like it is a good size and shape to be practical but also looks very cute.
  12. My vote is for the MC Alma too. It's such a classic!
  13. I beg to differ (see pics below)!!!:shocked:
    (J/K) ONLY Madonna can get away with this!!!:lol: LOVE you, Madge!!!:love:
    hollywood_onset1.jpg la_cardigan1.jpg la_fertilityclinic_ns1.jpg la_furniture_ns4.jpg la_soylatte1.jpg
  14. BTW, this pic looks like me when I get the morning shift of carpool!!!:lol:
  15. priscilla