If I can only have one bag...MJ or LV?

  1. Hello-
    I think that I may only be able to afford one expensive bag this year, so I'm going to have to make a decision. Right now I'm thinking about the Marc Jacobs Stam in Mouse or something from LV in damier...perhaps the Ribera or Ribera Mini. I realize that these are two very different bags. I have several monogram LV bags, 2 spy bags, nothing from MJ, and no LV damier. It's gotta be a great bag b/c it will have to sustain me for a long time. So, what do y'all think?
  2. Get the MJ since you don't have one yet. Mix it up! Good Luck with your decision. I'm trying to decide on a spring bag myself and can only get one. It's hard!!!
  3. Mj.
  4. Lv!!
  5. I tried twice to buy an LV and always come home with an MJ. Must be that I love his line.
  6. LV damier...
  7. I like both, but if i have enough money, I will go for Stam.
  8. I'd go for something in LV Damier..more than likely, if you still want the MJ later on, it'll probably be on sale at the end of the season :yes:
  9. Hmmm...tempting. I wouldn't mind getting a Stam on sale, though I might have to be pretty lucky.
  10. LV in damier!
  11. Although I am a huge LV fan, I would pick the MJ over the LV Ribera. It's great to have a lot of different designers. I do tend to usually go for LV because of their service and the way they look after their bags long term e.g. servicing, a few other bags is a good thing.

    You really only need on new bag a year anyway, otherwise you don't enjoy it!
  12. MJ Stam.... variety will keep you happy..
  13. All good points - thanks for the input. One drawback of the stam, though, is that I would probably by off eBay from a reputable seller and save $500 on it. I can't swing $1300. So, if something went wrong with it, then I would just be out of luck.

    I would buy the LV in the store (since it's cheaper), so if I had any problems I could always go back to the store.
  14. ribera MM!
  15. Marc Jacobs all the way.

    The Stam is a gorgeous bag, and you won't be disappointed.