If I can look this good at 60...

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  1. Seriously, is this woman beautiful or what? I can only pray I look that good at 60. Great bag too of course!
  2. Love her! She is carrying a super rare Fendi Tapestry baguette. I have one! :love:
  3. wow, she looks great, i wanna know what she eats and what skincare she uses!:P
  4. Wow. She looks amazing!
  5. Wow! She's still beautiful after all these years. I always thought that she was and is still, the best looking out of the 3 angels.

  6. She was a beauty back then and still remains one today! It's in the genes!!!
  7. I love her fendi bag
  8. OMG!!!! she looks 40...
  9. She looks so young!!!
  10. I always thought she was the prettiest Charlie's Angel-when everyone was ogling over Farrah. And look at her now...she's fantastic still!

    BTW-Has anyone seen Farrah lately?:wtf:
  11. Here she is. :wtf: :wtf: :wtf:
  12. Me too!!!
  13. She looks AMAZING!!!:love: Thank you for posting!:smile:
  14. I love Jaclyn Smith! She is still gorgeous as ever
  15. she's 60??? :nuts:
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