If I buy LH, will I still use my beloved BH?

  1. I have the BH and use it pretty much everyday. It's so practical BUT I do wish it zipped. Lately I have been considering the LH. I went to the store and they said the LH is out of stock for the entire company right now so I have some time to think. If I buy the LH, will I still use my BH? Are they too similar? I know the BH is more casual but do you think I woud get use out of both? Is the LH much bigger than the BH?

    Also, when an item is out of stock with LV, how long before it becomes available again?

  2. I like the Batignolles Horizontal MUCH better then the LH, so my guess is you will still use it a lot. The LH seems so "hard" and I don't care as much for really hard huge bags. I don't mind hard structured smaller bags, but in the really big bags I like a little softer, slouchier look, if that makes sense. I have a Babylone which is very similar to the LH and I never wear it and ended up giving it to my daughter for a laptop bag because it is so hard and heavy.

    If you like the LH, I'd go ahead and get it, but I wouldn't worry about wearing your BH, because I predict you will still love it a lot.
  3. I have both and love them, but I love the look of the LH more, i like the fact that it zips close(maybe a ny thing)
  4. Eek.. I'm sorry but what's LH?
  5. Lockit Horizontal
  6. I think you will use both. I am looking at both the Tivoli GM and the LH because I want something that zips but I know I will go back to my BH because I love it for shopping and easy access!