If I buy a Paddy ... would it .?.?.?.

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  1. Ok so im a guy right. I guess im really into bags due to the fact that my sister is really into designer wear and when I was a child my mother took me shopping with her everywhere... so i guess it got stuck in my brain, that i love to shop and i love designer wear.

    Anyways ... if I bought a Chloe Paddington for my self. I dont plan on using it ... just to have it I guess (its weird i wana buy a bag, but i dont want to use it)... or maybe for my future GF. Would it decrease in value ??? Even if I kept it in the box 247 ... maybe take it out of the box for a minute or two to look at it.
    :confused1: :confused1: :confused1:

    Dumb idea ??
  2. Although you love the design of the bag, is it really worth it to lay down that much cash just to have it around?
  3. I can kinda understand what you're saying.. you want to be more appreciative to it as a object as if it was an art piece maybe XD

    I wouldnt have thought it'd decrease in value since you wouldn't really be using it. Has that ever happened? :o

    Buy it if you have the cash and want to do this. :biggrin:
  4. If I were you I would get an 05 in good condition for a fair price, because I believe they are going to be worth more in the long term, as they were the original it bags for chloe
  5. PS your future GF will be one lucky woman (will you take it back if you break up? Lol)
  6. haha ... you knew what i was thinking ... before i even did ... i do see it as art
  7. I have to have everything new ... i deno why ... ive never bought anything used in my life :shame:

    Would it be a bad idea to buy a 07 ? Dont they have new colors this year than they did in 05 ?

    PS If i did give it to my GF ... she would have to wait a while ... and depending on if we left on good terms or bad terms ... would determine if i would let her keep it :rolleyes:
  8. I deno why ... but for some reason i wouldnt mind spending that much money on something SO SEXY :yahoo:
  9. I couldn't see myself forking out that much for a bag I wouldn't use. Wouldn't your family think this is kinda strange if you did? They'll probably want to borrow it from you all the time!
  10. Ya im gonna have to HIDE it good from my sister. I remember her saying she wanted me to buy it for her a year ago
  11. Oh wow - i love your way of thinking!:yahoo:

    If you want to buy it just to appreciate it's beauty, and you can afford one, then why not...?

    I agree that the 05's will only increase in value - Chloe just don't seem to have replicated that original smooshy leather since.

    Just keep it under lock and key from your sister...:graucho:
  12. I think im serisouly gonna save a lil here and there ... by spring i think im gonna purchase a paddy ... im feeling a light color ... gonna go check out NM in two weeks and see what the ladies have to say about the bag
  13. buy one for your sister!:graucho:
  14. Honestly, at first it does sound a little strange, but I also view my purses as art pieces - don't care if anyone else likes or sees them at all. I just enjoy having them.:love: I don't see why a guy can't have and appreciate a great bag as much as a female can...I often think it's not really fair how many fun fashion choices women have that men just get shut out of. One of my fave PFers to read posts from is a guy (clake) that has a lot of Balenciaga bags and he actually inspired a woman on his bus to buy her first luxury handbag in her 40s because she figured that if he could treat himself to a nice bag, then why couldn't she? I think that's the point - if you love it and have the $, then why not?:yes: My advice is to buy a bag in a color that you love, but if you aren't set on any one in particular, check out discontinued colors that were extremely popular as they might have the best resale value. My last Paddy purchase was moved to the top of the list as the color was limited, so I was afraid it wouldn't be available later and I would have to pay big $. Sometimes you can still run across new bags from 2005, so you don't have to go the used route, but could still have the great leather. As far as the future GF using it goes, maybe you should draw up a custody agreement first!:roflmfao:
  15. I know if I were a guy, and a straight guy at that, but still much like I am as myself, I would want bags. I'd want to carry them, lol. I think you should have a collection and display them, while cleaning them every so often. If you don't want another bag now, just wait. He he. :p

    DON'T give it to a GF. She'll depreciate the value and she won't give it back, or she'll think you're not a good boyfriend for not just GIVING it to her, or something. I don't know, I don't like it.