if i buy a cabas chyc from a dept store...

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  1. i am looking to purchase a black cabas chyc (or whatever its called now, lol) within the next couple of days. i was going to go to the ysl boutique to get it but then i know saks is having a gift card event and i would love the extra $450 gc. or i was thinking of getting it from bergdorfs so i can save on tax. if i order from a dept store, will the bag come in a ysl box? i am asking because i bought a dior from neimans before and it came in a neimans box.
  2. No, most designers don't send out boxes and if they do, it's only for exotic bags. Chanel is the only brand I can think of that puts every bag in a specific box, although recently I've noticed that some bags don't have them.
  3. I ordered Prada at Saks they put my bag in a specific box.
  4. I have never heard of Ysl bag shipped in a Ysl box. Only their shoes.