If I already own a tivoli, do I need a speedy too?

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  1. So I already have a tivoli pm, and i'm looking for a more spacious bag for work. And i LOVE the speedy in damier ebene, but since I already have a hand-held bag, would i really need it?

    Also, for work, I would need to carry my work pumps (i usually walk to work in sneakers and change shoes) and maybe some small notebooks. I was thinking these would fit in a speedy 30? Might be a bit tiring to carry, as oppsed to a shoulder bag?

    The damier ebene NF is also really cute, but the quality issues that i've seen lately (cracking, tearing straps) reall really scares me!

    What would you guys get? Thanksss for any advice! I'm getting the bag this weekend, so excited!!!
  2. Yes - they are very different styles, esp. if you're getting your speedy in Damier Ebene. The speedy 30 is very roomy, although I am not sure if it would fit a pair of work pumps comfortably - depends on what else you are carrying too I suppose.
  3. Hehe, I'm the opposite - have a Speedy Azur & Ebene Ribera (both hand-held) and my next planned purchase is hopefully a Tivoli PM. My preference is hand-held. As Yikkie said, they are both different bags so its perfectly ok to have both. Good luck ;)
  4. sure y not, i own both I think you should have both too, they are different indeed:smile:, maybe try the speedy 25 or so...hth..
  5. Yes, they are different enough.
  6. YES!!!! different bag... everyone needs a speedy in their collection!!!
  7. hehe thanks ladies! the speedy is awfully enticing, i feel like i need at least one speedy in my collection ... but after using the tivoli, my hand and arms get awfully tired from carrying it around, so i'm still thinking.
  8. I'd get a Speedy too but.. I like the Mini Lin and would wait for the new w/ shoulder strap that's supposed to be released in a couple of months. It would be great for walking to work but that's just me though ;)
  9. Are you sure you want to ask that in a forum full of enablers? :biggrin:
    Of course a speedy is needed - it's a staple in any LV collection and a classic, so you will never need to worry about it not being "in style" because it always is.
    Besides, they look nothing like each other, so no need to worry about that either.
  10. haha macska you are so right, such enablers!! :biggrin: i don't really NEED another bag, it's because i surf around this forum so much that all these new ideas pop up. everytime someone puts up a new reveal, i go "ooh i DEFINITELY need that one in my collection, blah blah" then i start rationalizing to myself why i need it -__-"
  11. No it's not needed. But if you want it, go for it!
  12. I have a Tivoli PM also. I recently tried on the Speedy 35 in Mono and Ebene. I LOVE THEM BOTH! :love::love:I think that you should consider the 35. It would definitely hold everything on your list!

    Let us know what you decide!:balloon::balloon::balloon:
  13. I have a 30 and, while I have crammed pumps in there before, it isn't a comfortable fit on top of everything else I carry too...but I carry a lot of stuff with me at all times.

    Have you considered the Trevi? I actually stopped carrying my Speedy for work when I got my Trevi because when it gets heavy and my hand/arm wants to fall off, I can switch to my shoulder (unlike the Speedy), and the drop on the handles is large enough to comfortably fit over a coat (unlike the Speedy). But I still have my Speedy and it's a great weekend bag.

    But, if you love the Speedy, get it - I just wouldn't classify it as a roomy work bag. ;) Let us know what you decide!
  14. I suggest getting a speedy, but a 35, not a 30. I love my 35 to pieces and it fits TONS! One time I managed to carry all my toiletries case, a 1-liter bottle of water, my agenda, blackberry, wallet, cles, a thin sweater, pumps and a brush-- AND IT STILL ZIPPED!
  15. Yes. Love the tivoli and speedy. they are must haves!