If I already have BH, is it stupid...

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  1. If I already have a batignolles horizontal, is it stupid to get a batignolles regular also?

    I think it´s not stupid but my boyfriend thinks that they are too similar..but it´s not true, RIGHT GIRLS?? :smile:
  2. It's not stupid^^
    The regular one is handheld IMO (I know that tiny girls can carry it over their shoulder, but I wouldn't) - only men can compare a handheld bag to a shoulder bag... lol.
  3. im a guy and i kinda understand what your BF means. i'd also rather have a variety. but if you can use both bags equally, then why not?
  4. So true. My DH asks me "why do you have so many black shoes!" I respond with "duh, each shoe has a different purpose and suits different occasions." He looks as me like I'm nuts.

    Anyhoo, I have a batignolles, but I also wanted a bigger bag to carry at work, so I got a BV too. Both bags have different purposes and suit different occasions!
  5. I think they are SO different, just try to explain all the differences and he'll eventually get it, hopefully:smile:
  6. Nope it's never stupid if you love them and know you'll use them.
    Besides, you're carrying them, not him. He shouldn't have a final say in what bags you carry or buy.
  7. I've bought two BH's so far (not a fan of patina). So, I do not think it's stupid at all, the styles you want are a bit different.
    I love the style and the fact that it's so practical will make me want/buy them for years to come. Buy what you love! :heart:
  8. definitely get the regular batignolles!
  9. It's not stupid to have the regular one. However, if I were you, I will consider another handheld bag..( the regular batignolles is too small for me).

  10. I wish they made the Bs in Damier as well so I wouldn't feel so silly buying another one. I have a BH and am also compellted to get the Reg. (esp. since the price drop).
  11. No, I don't think it is stupid.

    To me .... they are both totally different bags. :yes:
  12. if you want it, it's not stupid. it's not the same bag although it is the same model. For me it's like having speedies in different canvases and materials.
  13. If you want it and have a need for it, then I say go for it. Personally, I would buy something different.
  14. i say get it! :smile:
  15. Agree. Many people have more than one speed of different shapes and sizes. I think this situation is just like that. I would get it, it's actually on my wish list!