If God takes me now....

  1. OK, first of all, I'd be a tad miffed. I mean really, I've got a few things left I want to do.

    BUT! I would go with a smile on my face because I now have the most beautiful blue patent Riki! My life is complete. Well, my quest for handbags is complete.

    I've been searching for a blue bag, thought about the blue suede Alex, but I really wanted something that would hold up a bit better than suede. I've never had a patent bag because I tend to think of the patent bags from the 60's....stiff and yucky. But the blue wet look Riki is just so beautiful! The PERFECT color Navy blue, just the right amount of shine....definitely not your Grandma's patent handbag! But I know you guys already know all this!

    And I owe it all to a fellow PF member....I am ever so grateful that she helped me find the perfect blue bag for me. I KNOW that had this bag been a Ramona it would not be living in CT., but I absolutely love the Riki, I prefer it to the Ramona, so I'm so happy that this one was out there waiting for me!

    And Gris? This is for you! ;) Because this is how I feel about my new bag!!!! :heart: :heart:

    Too many smilies....like there can ever be such a thing.

  2. Congrats :yahoo: I want to see modeling pics:woohoo:
  3. I am so happy for you! Why do these bags help us feel so good? I have Balenciaga, Fendi, Dior, et al....but the Choo is different. Wear it in style and please take pics!

    As for Gris...a Marcia is coming my way, too. Now she can get that dreamy red Riki :heart: that she has been wanting for so long.
  4. ^stop it ... i want to :crybaby: .....
  5. Well Stinkerbelle,

    So glad you received Riki safe and sound, but I'm having extreme remorse.............

    :crybaby: :wtf: :crybaby:

    In replying to several posts, I have had to look at the photos a couple of times since I shipped her off to you and now I see what a beauty she really is.........:drool:

    SO, when you tire of her, I think I should get first dibs :graucho: on getting her back:lol:

    I hope you truly enjoy her and I can't wait to see modeling photos

  6. If God took you now, how would you enjoy your new Riki? :p Congrats on the new bag! Can't wait to see the pictures :yahoo:
  7. stinkerbelle!! you crack me up! :roflmfao: and you are making me yearn for a riki more and more each day! :drool: when're we gonna see some modeling pics???
    i am so very happy for you and your bag that completes you! :heart::heart::heart:
  8. oh, robyn! please don't have remorse! :sad: i'm sure the bag is a beauty, but you have the pleasure of perusing more bags now to add to your collection! and i'm sure that another one will catch your eye soon enough! and you have made stinkerbelle so utterly happy! you are truly such a sweet person to have done this though, and it just shows what a giving and thoughtful person you are. be HAPPY! :flowers::biggrin: good things are coming you way...i just know it! :yahoo::yes:
  9. Robyn, you are a true angel for helping a fellow purseaholic out. Your good karma will come back to you sooner than you think don't worry!

    Stinkerbelle, congratulations! Out of all of the handbags I own, my patent blue Riki still makes me smile every time. It makes me so proud! It is the gem of my collection. I know you will enjoy yours for years to come too! Congratulations again. I hope to see pics.
  10. Congrats on your Riki! Where are the modeling pics???:nuts:
  11. Thanks everyone! If it hadn't been for Robyn's photos, and the fact that the bag is a Riki, I would never have known how beautiful a patent bag could be IRL. I'm so glad I finally joined the patent club, I knew not what I was missing. :heart:

    Robyn! OF COURSE you would be the first to know if L'il Riki is ever looking for a new home! And I know how you feel...it's kind of like you sent one of your children off into the cold, cruel world! :crybaby: But you know what? When you really think about it, it's a Riki. As much as you loved the color, I know you weren't crazy about the size, so I think you did the right thing in selling her. She'll be loved, and used and the Riki is my favorite bag! I do know that if this bag had been a Ramona she would have been glued to your side for life! :yes:

    You are really, really, sweet to help out so many PF members the way you do in tracking down bags that we have long given up hope of ever finding. But this bag to me is more than just another Riki....it's that I took the plunge and went for patent and I'm so glad I did! Because of you! :woohoo:

    So you did good! You sent a bag off that wasn't quite right for you to someone who will love her and use her and let her out of her dustbag! :choochoo:

    I know there are many more amazing bags that are perfect for you on your horizon, and who knows...maybe a blue wet look Ramona will pop up with your name on it! :tup:

    I'll post photos today, something I absolutely DREAD being as technically challenged as I am! :push: And I gotta tell ya, she's just not going to look the same without Spike, and Robyn's photography skills are fantastic. The bag looks exactly the same IRL as it does in her photos! But I'll post pics of L'il Riki in her new home state of CT.....she's still trying to learn the language. :biggrin:

    Sorry this was sooo long!
  12. Congratulations Stinkerbelle! Good to see you so happy about your new Riki. Looking forward to photos.
    BTW, I like the smilies too:yes: Keep 'em coming

    Robyn, I really admire how you have the ability to let go of bags you do not use. It makes sense. Wish I had that same ability:wtf:. I am going to try and learn from you.

    I am starting to envision this bag becoming the Traveling Jimmy Choo Bag. It could have a different story all over the globe. Umm, maybe not...I don't see Stinkerbelle letting the Riki go anytime soon:dothewave:. Enjoy,Stinkerbelle!
  13. Stinkerbelle You are such a Sweetie and I am SO very happy that you have come on over to the "Dark Patent Leather Side":winkiss: I was just feeling a little melancholy the past few days (I know it had something to do with hormones:whistle:)

    I know you will give Riki a Wonderful home and I will say it was difficult giving up a "neglected baby" but she deserves to be loved and used. BUT I just can't send you Spike to complete the look:nogood: That is where I draw the line. You will have to hunt for your own little white ball of fluff. (Now, depending on the moment, I might be willing to send DD:graucho: AND pay you to keep her)

    I am so happy anytime I can help out any JC lover and especially any of you ladies here. :heart:

    I'm here for you:yes: and will go to great lengths to help spend your hard earned money on a beloved :choochoo: Jimmy Choo bag. Besides, I don't want to be broke all alone:shame:
  14. Hey, that's a Really Cool idea.... "Sisterhood of the Traveling Riki" :roflmfao:

    Where is the next stop for her Stinkerbelle??
  15. Now that is a FANTASTIC idea!!!! :yes:

    The only problem is that the heading of this thread would indeed have to come true.... :angel: