If given a choice, which is more practical? Makeup Clutch or Mini Coin?


Makeup Clutch or Mini Coin?

  1. Makeup clutch

  2. Mini coin

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  1. If you had a choice between the Makeup Clutch or the Mini Coin, which would you choose?
  2. make-up clutch b/c it holds a ton!
  3. I'm thinking that the make-up clutch would be more functional, but the coin purse is a really great size!!!
  4. I agree with zac, it's great as a going out bag, or going in bag when you don't want to haul in everything - like to the store! It fits nicely in your bbag!
  5. make-up clutch hands down. i love that you can use it as a make-up bag or as a clutch.
  6. I had a shoulder, and I wasn't that fond of it, so I would say the coin purse. I want one of these so badly!
  7. practicality wise I chose mini coinpurse because it is smaller and thus fits into any sized purse or most pockets even! But both are necessary pieces!!! :upsidedown: I can't wait to get my first m/u one of these days!
  8. I don't have any m/u clutches, although I'd think that in terms of size it would be more practical than a mini coin. I do, however, LOVE my mini coin purses because for something that size they sure do hold a lot...
  9. i :heart: the makeup clutch. i have a coin purse and find that i can't fit much so i would go with makeup clutch
  10. It depends on what you will use it for. I have two coin purses and they are really great size but it could only hold a few lipstick or lip gloss, powder, sample perfume. I think make-up is more practical.
  11. I use my Mini Coin a lot more than my Makeup because it fits in my clutches and in my Firsts. The Makeup is a great organiser for a bigger bag, but the more I carry my small ones, the more I appreciate the Mini Coin. I actually plan to buy another one in the near future.
  12. KDC, great poll! I've been wondering the same thing myself, I love reading everyone's answers and reasoning. Thanks!
  13. I've wondered what most people use.
    I think they each serve their own purpose but it really depends on the size of your bag. I use my coin purse every day...
  14. ha! ha! love the poll, thinking the same myself :p

    not sure about the answer, though
  15. I own both and thought that the Makeup would get more use-but my coin purse can hold my lil' necessities and is always in my bag.