IF Drawstring Hobo

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  1. Here is the first IF bag I am actually excited about! I usually don't llike IF bags but this one I think is a winner! What do you guys think of it? It's not a bad price either ... $575.
  2. It's cute but not my style. I think there's too much going on with the buckles, tassles and what not. But my opinion doesn't matter, just yours!
  3. Definately too much going on. IMO
  4. i like some IF bags, but this isn't my fave. it's ok. but if you like it, rock it! IF bags almost ALWAYS look better in person than in picture, though, the details are much richer and much prettier usually.
  5. I agree w/ everyone. I ADORE most of IF's things, but this isn't my personal fave. Can you visit her things in a store?
    Some of her bags are very stiff and heavy, this looks like it may be one of them.
  6. Hehe.. it's like a Bulga bag and a Marc bag had a lovechild !@
  7. I agree, too much going on is my first reaction.
  8. Looks like a modified Marc J bag
  9. Exactly! although its one color! but there is too much going on!:weird:
  10. It's cute, but too much going on for me. While I admire IF bags, I can't realistically see myself using one.
  11. too much going on for me too
  12. I saw this very bag today in a boutique and tried it on - it weighs a TON, seriously, more than any bag I've ever carried. It was completely uncomfortable to lug around that much weight, even with nothing in the silly thing. Multiply the weight of a Paddy by 5 and you know what it's like to carry it -definitely not worth it, go with a Bulga if you like that look.
  13. Not loving it anymore!!! Thanks for the info. I have a Marc Jacobs Blake bag that I think is too heavy. This IF then is definitely not for me!