IF doing a GD ??

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  1. Yes, sure does look like it. But more expensive. I like this IF though..it's cute!
  2. Oh, wrong forum :shame:
    Vlad, hope you can move it to the right one ? I'm so sorry :shame: :shame:
  3. i like the IF 100000 times more than the GD. i don't know what the uproar about the GD is all about...
  4. I've seen the IF in person--very different from GD in IRL. It's HUGE compared to the GD and it's shorter. The IF is more "structured." The GD is super slouchy to me.

    GD is nice and the leather feels great, but I ended up returning mine b/c I didn't think it was worth the $400 I spent on it.
  5. I suppose the size justifies the price then. I like IF take on this shape, theres more intricate detailing which is typical of IF designs. :biggrin:
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