If Coach would any make one charm or keyfob for you, what would you ask for???

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  1. I am just wondering what everyone's ideal charm or keyfob would be? If you could call Coach and request one what would you ask for? I personally would ask for a Chihuahua charm or fob.
  2. A figure skate keyfob.. hmm.. or.. a... I dont have any idea actually!
  3. Hmmmm....I think a snail would be cute! Or a music note!
  4. Oops, excuse my wrong arrangement of words on the title!!! :confused1: Should be If Coach would make any one Charm... Maybe I should be sleeping!!
  5. Sleeping is no fun! :p

    I think a chichi would be cute as well!
  6. Definitely a pug! With rhinestones (sp?) would be nice too!
  7. I would say probably a cat.
  8. definitely a cat :yes:
  9. A black cat.:heart::yes:
  10. If you do a search, there is already a thread on this...
  11. Nm
  12. A weiner dog!
  13. I second the Weiner dog........:tup:
  14. A penguin!
  15. I'm still waking up so your original question made sense to me...my brain adjusted the wording without noticing the word order:biggrin:

    I'd like a German Shepherd charm, but since that is unlikely to happen, I like the idea suggested above...a musical note:tup: