If Chanel was sold online...

  1. Just read an article where Chanel made more money in 2007 with accessories than ever before. Could you imagine the loot they would make if one could just log onto SFA/NM/BG etc and buy authentic bags????

    I think we'd all be in trouble. LOL
  2. it'd be nice for those who don't live near a Chanel or NM/Saks/Bloomies... but it would take the fun out of scouring every Chanel for that one bag you're dreaming of, lol
  3. I would be ruined financially *LOL*
  4. LOL. Yeah, that would be REALLY bad for my wallet if they started selling Chanel bags alone. I can only imagine how quickly bags would sell out.

    I do agree that I think it would take a bit of fun out of the hunt and would make bags seem a little less exclusive (which is half the fun of getting a bag to begin with).
  5. That would make life so much easier!!! But then...after I get a Chanel in the mail after calling boutique after boutique department store after department store I think I would feel SO much happier just because I put that much effort into finding that piece HAHAHA
  6. I wish they would sell online- maybe just the classics and shoes and acessories- it would make so much easier for those of us who dont live near a Chanel or have babies (aka; ME!!!). But, I'd be bankrupt- so maybe that a good idea they are not sold online?
  7. I love visiting different boutiques. It allows me to try on the bag and see if it "fits" before committing. However, sometimes searching for a certain bag requires a bit of investigative work and it can be quite frustrating. If they pushed their inventory online via reputable web sites or even their own (similar to Louis Vuitton) that would make life wonderful. Then again, it's far to easy to press "Buy" and "Checkout" than it is to phone an SA or visit a boutique. I don't need that part of my life made any easier.

    If that happened I'd be a Chanel junkie living on a street corner surrounded by all my bags -- in their dustbags, of course. :lol:
  8. I'd be happier even if I could get product information complete with item numbers and prices either mailed or online. For those like myself living 2 hrs away from a big city, it's not always convenient to drive 4 hours to find there's nothing there you like or that fits. It's time consuming and frustrating calling all around trying to track down anything. As we all have experienced the merchandise at the stores differs from the boutiques and vice versa. It's amazing that we can watch TV, movies thru computers but buying Chanel is not utilizing the resource.

    Wilma Flintsone. . .
  9. I think Chanel would make so much more money. Especially on sunglasses and jewelry. The only reason for not selling online would be to try to keep the stuff exclusive or something, but with eBay and fakes and a bag just a phone call away that theory doesn't really make any sense. LV is selling online now and I think that is so awesome.
  10. If Chanel were sold online I would be broke LOL

    I recall reading an article this past year (in Vogue or Elle or Harper's Bazaar) about Natalie Massenet (Net-a-Porter founder/CEO) hoping to talk Chanel into selling online via NAP. Massenet was also quoted in the same article saying that her favorite handbags/accessories are by Chanel so I guess she's personally wanting the deal to go through sometime in the future.
  11. it'd be a lot less exclusive and there would be a LOT more returns!:sick:
  12. ^^Swanky, I agree with you. There would definitely be a lot more returns
  13. I agree with you, Judy :yes: Product information and prices online would be so helpful.
  14. My thoughts exactly.
  15. ^ hm never thought of that...
    I like Chanel exclusive LOL